Ashley Greene Makes a Pre-Weekend Whole Foods Run (PHOTOS)

Ashley's Sexiest Looks
Check out Miss Greene working it.
When the weekend rolls around, you better be prepared for all of the snacking essentials that might come over you — and Ashley Greene seems to be all covered.

The Twilight beauty made her way through Whole Foods on Friday, grabbing some sort of healthy vittles that she may or may not be sharing with her squeeze Joe Jonas this weekend. Greene looked stunning as usual, sporting a denim shirt, jeans and oversized sunglasses as her hair blew in the California breeze.

Ashley’s domestic side seems to be apparent now that she’s 24, which she turned just a few weeks ago. Mr. Jonas. Ashley told People that Joe, 20, gave her a very special bracelet right before her glamorous birthday party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

“The funny thing about it is when I got it, my boyfriend said it’s vintage Coach – and I was like ‘Thanks so much,’” Ashley told the magazine. “And then I put it on and was like, ‘Oh my god, this is Chanel!’” Ashley then let out a scream for joy.

“Coach, Chanel, [it] makes no difference to him,” Ashley continued. “[But] I absolutely love it because he knows what I like.” And what girl doesn’t love Chanel?!