Exclusive: Premiere of Glee's Latest Warblers Track 'Candles' (LISTEN)

Sing it!

It's the episode Gleeks have been waiting for all season long: Regionals! Been dying for a sneak peek? Look no further!

Although you won't get to see this number in action until it airs on Tuesday's highly-anticipated episode of GleeCelebuzz is exclusively premiering the latest Blaine and Kurt collabo!

The song, a gorgeous cover of "Candles" by Hey Monday, is a ballad that Darren Criss and Chris Colfer belt out with the help of the Warblers and will be featured on the episode, "Original Song." So will this tune help the Dalton Academy boys clench first place?

Well, we're not really sure, but it could happen! Take a listen to the exclusive premiere below:


For even more tracks from "Original Song," check out www.gleethemusic.com for the whole First Listen Friday round up.

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If you want to see the original video for Hey Monday's "Candles," check it out below and don't forget to follow them on Twitter!



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  • Marc

    i think that Blaine should not have sung it with Chris. It should have been just the Warblers & Kurt in the lead. Blaine already took leads in "Raise your Glass" and "Misery". Otherwise, Blaine and Kurt should have done a duet without the Warblers in the background (like in "Baby it's cold Outside") i don't say they ruined it. I think they are purposefully made to lose this competition. This song is amazing. The original is also amazing. It's a good cover. When I heard glee was covering Hey Monday's Candles, i thought it would be Rachel & ND. LOL

  • Lydia,N

    I like the glee cover of Candles but its not the best. I <3 haymonday aswell :) and I <3 glee so i am happy :D

  • d.bland

    The beginning started out kind of bad, I absolutely love Chris as an actor but pop vocals are not his strong point. But once they got to the end and his and Darren's vocals started to blend well it was pretty enjoyable.

  • lr brown
    lr brown

    those who can't trash those who can...unless you can do better shut the hell up

  • Joy

    i don't understand the dislike for this song. I thought it was beautiful. It was nice to hear Chris sing lead again, and Darren's harmonies were spot-on lovely. I was moved listening to this, and I know seeing it within the context of the scene next week will enhance my enjoyment even more.

  • Kelsey Gillespie
    Kelsey Gillespie

    Ouch. I'm sorry, but Kurt's vocals kinda destroyed the song. I hope that it's SUPPOSED to be bad. Cuz otherwise I can't believe they would keep this.

  • bexxx89

    hehe oh yeah! You're right XD

  • Kenzie

    its meh..dont really like hey monday(team jersey) but the one thing that bothered me was well chris(kurt) was singing wayyyy too high and like i dont know..he just wasnt singing like he always does

  • Sarah

    Unless they've put something in that scene, the bit at 2:20 is part of the original song. If you listen to it, Pink goes, "So raise your - aw, f**k! - so raise your glass." But they're obviously not going to have him swear.

  • bexxx89

    To all the people saying its bad...that's the point... I think something happens before they go on stage. In raise your glass, Blaine/Darren sings part of the chorus and then starts again at around 2:20. It sounds, to me, like he may have messed it up. They then sound even more nervous in this and that's probably because they know they're going to get beaten by New Directions.

  • jess

    Wow, this is gorgeous!! Their voices sound amazing together!! Soooo stunning, I'm all choked up

  • Mikaela

    this was horrible.

  • Victoria

    Omggggggg :) hey monday is my favorite band ever and for glee to cover this is amazing cause i love glee tooo

  • Marianne

    The song didn't really wow me.

  • Anne

    i would like the show but the cast makes it so hard for me some of them