Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Split Unsurprising, Says Expert

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel recent break-up announcement got us here at Celebuzz wondering what could have driven the longtime couple to splitsville so we reached out to writer and relationship expert Jessica Radloff for her take on the recent split.

With the influx of recent celebrity splits, I was least shocked by the announcement that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had called it quits.  If anything, I was surprised it lasted as long as it did (pretty much 4 years), considering the rumors of Justin’s cheating (Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis, every single female celebrity in Hollywood), and his and hers demanding careers.

When Justin appeared with his mom, Lynn, instead of Jessica at this year’s Academy Awards, it immediately raised red flags among gossip columnists.  However, unless you’re nominated, it’s rare that a significant other (if they are famous) will appear just to watch their other half present an award (except for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, who two years ago purposely appeared together since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were also going to be there) so it made total sense that Jessica waited to join Justin later that evening at the Vanity Fair after-party. 

However, I’m hearing that even though the couple posed for pictures and appeared quite together, they were anything but.  For a long time, their relationship has been one of, “if it works it works, and if we’re in the same town, great!”  I truly believe they got to a point where they realized this isn’t how a relationship should be and it’s easier to call it quits.  With that said, considering Justin was getting a lot of positive press from his turn as the snarky Sean Parker in The Social Network and was part of a movie with major Oscar buzz, the last thing a publicist would recommend is to announce a break-up at that time.  That is why the two laid low and were then photographed at the Vanity Fair party.  The focus was kept on Justin’s movie and subsequent film work, and not his relationship.

Still, I don’t think the split was nasty, and contrary to many expertly-worded celebrity split statements, I DO think J & J will remain friends with the utmost respect for one another.  Justin has showed that with Cameron Diaz, and even by showing support to ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.  Jessica is a very mature young woman, and I would naturally expect the same from her.  Whatever issues they did have, I don’t see the two of them airing their dirty laundry to the press.

The new story will now become not how quickly Justin will rebound, but who with.  Justin, visit www.JessicaRadloff.com if you’re interested.  ;) J/k