Taylor Momsen Gives Chicago Some Goth-y Love (PHOTOS)

Taylor Rocks
Momsen hits the stage in minimal clothing.
If Taylor Momsen is anything with her fashion stylings, it’s consistent.

Taylor was in the Windy City on Thursday to provide Chicago with a taste of her band The Pretty Reckless, and also a glimpse of the Gossip Girl starlet’s infamous wardrobe. With her now-standard uniform of patent leather top, leather underwear, black thigh-high stockings with one leg strapped up and monstrous boots, Taylor surely didn’t fail to deliver in the shock department.

Oddly enough, this get-up isn’t just Taylor’s stage outfit … she also was spotted out and about in New York City last week sporting the exact same outfit. Here’s hoping she has multiple versions of the outfit, because those lights and Momsen’s angry performances surely get a good sweat going.