Hollywood Goes Luxury Green with the Mercedes Zero Emission S400 (PHOTOS)

Celebs Gone Green
These stars practice what they preach.
Natalie's Oscar Win!
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Many celebrities may say they’ve gone green, but time and time again the paparazzi catch them out and about in gas guzzling luxury vehicles. Now celebs can have their luxury and be eco-friendly as well, with the new swanky S400 Mercedes-Benz Zero Emission B-Class Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell. That’s one hot ride!

This new of sedan has all of Hollywood revved. In fact, this vehicle was a staple during this year’s bust award season, chauffeuring countless celebs around town.James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Wahlberg, Hayden Panettiere and Natalie Portman, to name a few, all hit up events in true green style.

Natalie for one is a fan.  “It’s good that there are now vehicles with alternative fuel options,” she said, “from clean diesel, hybrid and even hydrogen, that are becoming widely available,” stated the Oscar-winning actress.

The S400 is essentially an electric car, fueled by compressed hydrogen. It boasts 86.6 city-highway miles per gallon, and has a range of up to 240 miles. In LA traffic, that’s a huge plus. This lavish vehicle can even be re-fueled in as few as three minutes and produces water as its only emission. But don’t think you can run out and snag one just jet, unfortunately there are only 70 S400s currently available in California.