Celebuzz Beauty: Top 10 Hair Mistakes (PHOTOS)

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Both Pete Wentz and Katherine Heigl debuted new hairstyles this past week, but change isn’t always a good thing. With lots of love (LOL?), Celebuzz noted that sometimes bad hair happens to good people! 

Thanks to celebrity hairstylist Andrea Rothstein, who has styled True Blood’s Carrie Preston among others, those bad hair days could be their last! What’s more, her insider tips could save you the agony of your own tragic mop head. See her tips, then peep the guys and girls bad hair galleries! 

Remember, the rules of beauty are simple and finite:

10) Over-washing: “Washing your hair every day is not the best thing,” Andrea says. “But the real key is using the proper shampoo for your hair! If you use several thick, heavy products and need to shampoo daily, use a really good moisturizing or hydrating shampoo.”

9) Under-conditioning: “Your hair loses its natural nutrients from things like shampooing, environment, thermal styling, and so on,” Andrea says. “You should condition daily whether it’s with a daily rinse-out conditioner or a leave-in. If you have chemically treated hair, use hot tools often or have naturally dry hair, you should deep condition at least once a week.”

8) Wrong products: “The right products make all the difference in how your hair looks and feels,” Andrea says. “If you’re unsure, your best bet is to ask a professional [who’s done YOUR hair] for recommendations.”

7) Breakage: “Wearing hats all of the time will increase hair loss,” Andrea warns. “Anything tight on your hair can cause breakage; for girls hair bands/ties, barrettes, clips, etc.”

6) No protection: Andrea advises: “When using thermal tools (hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.), use a heat-protectant. Nowadays there are lots to sample from – sprays, serums and creams – so try a couple to see what works best for you!”

5) Hair color maintenance: “Before coloring your hair, decide how big of a commitment you want to make,” Andrea says. “All require maintenance and commitment!! Highlighting is typically less committal than all-over color and using a semi-permanent color is less committal than permanent or bleaching/lightening. Whether covering your gray or wanting a more sassy color, grown-out roots are never cute!”

4) Wearing the wrong cut: “This is a very common mistake,” Andrea says. “Bringing pictures to your stylist is great to use as a jumping-off point, but your haircut and style should be designed specifically for you! Chances are you don’t have the same type of hair or the same shaped face as that celebrity. Please take the advice of your stylist when they tell you that you don’t have Taylor Swift’s hair. She’s not trying to be hateful, just steer you in the right direction!”

3) Over processing: “This typically happens when you over-bleach or chemically straighten your hair,” Andrea warns. “There are many elements and chemicals that can ‘fry’ your hair so be careful and make sure you do what’s needed at home….CONDITION! CONDITION! CONDITION!”

2) Wearing the wrong hair color: “There are a few things to consider when coloring your hair but one of the most important things is skintone,” Andrea notes. “Pale blonde hair and pale skin will wash you out, etc. Make sure you are wearing the right color for you!”

1) Self-service: “The #1 hair mistake is performing chemical services on your self!!!” Andrea says emphatically. “Chemically straightening your own hair is definitely not the best idea as this process uses the strongest chemical hairdressers use, so a lot of things can go wrong. By far the most common mistake is coloring your own hair with a box you pick up at the grocery store or pharmacy. Your hair will NEVER come out like the picture on the box!”