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Kelly and Sharon Osbourne
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Are you trying to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle? Celebuzz has the perfect way for you to stay on track with the new vitamin drink  hydrating Hollywood! 

Whether you're looking to catch up on sleep, lose weight, release stress, or just need a refreshing drink to cool you down after hitting the gym, then the Neuro collection is right for you! The collection consists of eight different drinks all with one goal in mind: to promote well-being and taste good.

This nutritious, vitamin-rich drink helps your favorite celebs get through their hectic days and sustain their active lifestyle. Mom-to be Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, Adam Sandler, Cindy Crawford, Kelly Ripa, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, among others, are all drinking a Neuro beverage. Even when it came to award season, the stars stayed hydrated during Vanity Fair's Oscar week events thanks to Neuro.

You can be energized and active with a case of Neuro drinks, too! Just tell us your workout regimen in the comments section and you can WIN a whole case all for yourself!

Contest ends March 21st at 11:59 PST.



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  • Danielle

    40 Minutes Mon/Wed/Fri stair stepper Level 6! I also do dance cardio as well. Then Tues/Thurs/Sat TRACY ANDERSON METHOD!!! I would LOVE to win the Neuro TRIM! I LOVE IT!

  • Dawn F
    Dawn F

    My daily workout is my work day! My day begins at 3:15am and sometimes does not end until 9,10,11 at night. I am an manager at college and OMG do I get a workout. When I am off I do like to get outside in the fresh air and blue skies and walk. I walk like a little old lady nice and slow. Because my day is so fast paced, walking very slow is exercise for me and is sometimes a killer! I could use every blend you have The Sonic,trim,bliss, sport and sleep. It would all work in my crazy day.

  • Laura S.
    Laura S.

    My workout routine is an hour long walk at the state park down the road from me. There are a lot of hills to climb. It's beautiful so I never get bored. Plus it keeps my dog healthy too & she loves our long walks! I can't stand to miss a day! We started out doing 30- 45 minutes, now sometimes we're pushing 2 hours without even realizing it.

  • Pasquale Guiducci
    Pasquale Guiducci

    My workout varies depending on the day. I dance 2-3 times a week (either jazz, modern, or ballet). I have an online yoga account and love doing the 1hr vinyasa power yoga videos. When i go to the gym i usually try to run about 4 miles and then will always do abs workouts, accompanied by upper or lower body. I also love zumba and kick boxing. Also, i live in the city so i am constantly walking everywhere. And a good workout must be accompanied with a good diet, so i tend to incorporate a lot of fruits and whole grains into what i eat. For example, everyday for breakfast i have a big bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and banana mixed in.

  • Gretchen Hawthorne
    Gretchen Hawthorne

    My daily workout is going to the fridge and grabbing Neuro bliss and then do my housework and wait for hubby and then drink 2 Neuro Gasm OH ya!

  • Nora

    I do some basic cardio at least three times a week.

  • Natalie Aronow Omholt
    Natalie Aronow Omholt

    I do Tracy Anderson half an hour of toning, half hour to an hour of dance and walk my scruffy little doggies.

  • Shae Alamo
    Shae Alamo

    I do Krav Maga 3 times a week About 40 minutes with 10 min for stretching then 10 min for cool down. One day is Zumba, next is Kettle Bell class and the third is Cross fit

  • Ana Rivera
    Ana Rivera

    I tend to run in place at home for 10-20 minutes per day, and walk instead of riding in a vehicle.

  • dropastitch

    Three mile walk in the morning then walks with my chihuahua during the day to get her lazy arse off the couch!!! =)

  • Laura

    my work out regiment is gym every other day where I use the machines, run 5 miles on the treadmill, elliptical for 35/40 mins and the days I don't do the machines I take part in the classes offered such as spinning and zumba

  • Jessica Rodkey
    Jessica Rodkey

    lots of running and spinning...and after my race I'm starting Tracy Anderson Method.

  • mslacey

    I'm still in college and some of my awesome classmates put together fun classes for free. Turbo Jam 2 days a week. Zumba and yoga 2 other days. I try to fill in any gaps with time on the elliptical.

  • patsfan20

    I do yoga twice a week (outside if it's nice!) and fit in cardio on four to five days. I also use free weights and work my legs with squats and lunges. I love to include fitness in my every day routine, too, by biking to school every day, taking the stairs up to class, and playing tennis or soccer with my friends instead of video games!

  • BarMethodBabe

    I run every morning before work and hike and do bar method on the weekends.

  • mitchburn

    Three days out of the week, I rock climb after work. The other two days, I do yoga, boxing, and kung fu. Naturally, I drink Neuro Sonic on days like that. Its the best when I need the total focus and long-lasting energy!

  • Sarah McCallum
    Sarah McCallum

    I work out on my elliptical for an hour 6 days a week, after that i alternate either weight training or yoga. All this after i'm on my feet for 9 hours at work!

  • Rebecca Scarinci
    Rebecca Scarinci

    my work out rountine consists of running after 3 toddlers,getting the 4 older kids off to school and trying to keep a house organised and the pantry full.Who needs to go to the gym with 7 kids????

  • Michelle T.
    Michelle T.

    P90X and TurboFire hybrid!

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    Pilates,Yoga, and lots of Biking.

  • Patrick Jaden
    Patrick Jaden

    I do some sort of activity every Tuesday. :)b

  • Lisa Oedewaldt
    Lisa Oedewaldt

    My regimentr consist of waking in the AM and going out for my walk while i drink the NEURO SPORT. I take a shower Go to work and drink the NEURO BLISS. After lunch I drink the TRIM and at night the SLEEP... I am so glad I found the Neuro Drinks on a fluke in a convience store in Washington

  • BrittneytheKid

    My work out regimen consists of an epic jog lifting weights playing Wii's Just Dance Two and a tall bottle of Neuro Sports!

  • Sandi Henderson
    Sandi Henderson

    My workout regimen definitely varies. I have sciatica, very painful, therefore I have to keep up my daily stretches, or I can barely walk. That includes Yoga, Pilates, walking dogs (daily). Soon I will be joining a new gym, (due to a Groupon Coupon), and very much looking forward to it. My interest for workout's there, will be again the Yoga & Pilates, as well as a Zumba class. (never tried ) Also, will be working with light weight's, and the treadmill. I also am very conscious of my diet on a daily basis, and getting my sleep. Anything to keep the stress levels low.

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My workout regimen varies but i typically use the elliptical for forty minutes and use the bike for ten minutes. Afterwards i jump rope and do various weights and sit-ups. If it is nice out i will go for a walk in the park or play tennis.

  • Rebecca

    My workout regimen is pilates, spin, and I like to play birdie

  • pgattu

    My workout regimen is to jog at the beach and play beach volleyball. I also do 30 push-ups and 30 sit-ups every day, which keep my upper body and mid section fit.

  • twinklemepink06

    My workout routine varies. Usually, I do pilates 3 times a week and lift weights. Three other days I do Kim Kardashian's fitness tape (but I can never get through it). I try to eat healthy all the time too!