Happy Pi Day! Here's Some Smartypants Celebs (PHOTOS)

Smarty Pants!
Surpringsly Studious Celebs: Tyra Banks

Today, (March 14) may seem like a regular Monday, but it isn't just any ol' day -- it's National Pi Day!

While not everyone can be a regular Albert Einstein (who was actually born on March 14 ... go figure!), there are those celebs who have much more going on beneath the surface of their gorgeous skulls.

Case in point:

People Magazine reports that model Tyra Banks has been taking classes at Harvard Business School for the last year! She already has a glowing empire, but felt the need to keep herself mentally stimulated and wanted to expand:

"In order for my company to grow and be the best, and to reach these women, and to serve them, I needed the best. So I went to the best."
To celebrate Tyra's latest scholastic venture as well as this fantastically nerdy day, Celebuzz compiled a list of the smartest stars out there, some of which may surprise you!

So check out the gallery and tell us on Twitter or Facebook -- which smart celeb is your fave?



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  • ME

    I never would have guessed!! A lot of these celebrities just do and say dumb sh*t and also lack class.

  • ME

    Wow! I had no idea he was that smart.

  • ME

    Hopefully she sticks to it! :D

  • maryamcullen

    Good luck Emma !!

  • Frenchgal

    Weird, she never speaks french when she's promoting films on french tv...

  • danielleakame

    im not sure how i would feel if i went to the dr and he came into the room. lol after i saw his pee-nus in both the hangover movies...that would make for an awk situation. ha

  • danielleakame

    wow nice!

  • Myke Hunt
    Myke Hunt

    "Surpringsly" Studious Celebs on "The Ofice" Nice spell job, shit heads

  • alma mater
    alma mater

    Texas A&M University at KINGSVILLE! .. that's right

  • VA666

    Why the HAIL is Tyra Banks on this list???