Josh Hutcherson: Straight But Not Narrow PSA & ‘Hunger Games’ Role?

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Between being spotted around town with Vanessa Hudgens and starring in the Oscar-nominated The Kids Are Alright, Josh Hutcherson is an actor that has been rapidly rising on everyone’s radar for the last few months, but has he gathered enough steam to star in the sure-to-be blockbuster franchise, The Hunger Games?It sure looks that way! Josh has been in talks for the role of Peeta, in the film based on the popular book series, and told Entertainment Weekly he is waiting anxiously to hear back from studio execs and dished on the potential role of Peeta, (main character Katniss Everdeen’s ally):

“I love Peeta. The character is so much who I am—self deprecating, a people person. And he’d be such a great character to play! Like in the third book? Oh my God. But they’re meeting a lot of people right now. One can only dream.”

Even if he doesn’t snag the role in The Hunger Games, Josh will be able to stay busy due to a hoard of upcoming projects such as Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 (with Miss Hudgens), the horror/comedy film Detention (which he’s busy promoting at the Austin, Texas based film and music festival SXSW), Seven Nights in Havana with Benicio del Toro and last but not least, Josh is attached to star in Neil Patrick Harris’ directorial debut Aaron & Sarah, along with Emma Roberts.

Not only is Josh making waves in the acting community, but he is taking a stand for gay rights by starring in the most recent Straight But Not Narrow PSA. Check out the video above.

Josh is the latest actor to star in the PSA supporting gay rights, as Nickelodeon heartthrob Avan Jogia debuted his SBNN PSA last week.

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