Kellan Lutz Has a Birthday-Bachelor’s Celebration Weekend (PHOTOS)

Kellan Lutz's Sexiest Looks!
The Twilight hottie bares it all!
Kellan Lutz had not just one big reason to party it up this weekend — he had two.

The Twilight beefcake who is getting buffer by the day was prematurely celebrating his 26th birthday (which is actually Tuesday, March 15) at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Kellan, clad in a black shirt-and-tie underneath with a purple sweater that could barely contain his hulking stature, also ramped up the festivities, as it was bachelor party weekend for his brother Brandon. Pure was kind enough to give Kellan a four-tiered yellow cake … there’s no word what Brandon’s gift was.

As Kellan partied it up in Vegas, many of his co-stars are in Vancouver to complete the final two Twilight films, parts one and two of the Breaking Dawn book. On Friday, two of the film’s biggest stars had a scare after the massive Japan earthquake that sparked deadly tsunamis. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner both reportedly evacuated the beach where they were filming after tsunami warnings were issued.

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