Chelsea Kane Hopes Jonas Brothers Visit Her On ‘DWTS’ – Exclusive Interview!

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Chelsea Kane is living every girl’s dream: Not only has she been able to kiss Certified Dreamboat Joe Jonas on Jonas L.A. but she also gets to shimmy and shake alongside hottie Mark Ballas in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Celebuzz got a chance to talk with the hilarious actress and singer about her DWTS training, her new online miniseries The Homes and how she really feels about interacting with fans on Twitter.

How has training been going for Dancing with the Stars?

It’s been amazing. I’m having the best time, I adore my dance partner [Mark] and so far so good.

Do you have any previous dancing experience?

No, I did musical theater in Arizona and that was my only real interjection into choreography but that consisted of pretty much just jazz hands and walking around on stage, so this is my first real experience with technique and dancing with a partner.

So has the process been difficult at all for you since you don’t have much training?

It’s been a real mixed bag. Luckily I feel like I’ve been picking up on things really quickly which is fun and Mark and I are getting along really well which is nice. We are able to have a sense of humor about this crazy situation that we’re in. There are the steps that are really challenging and frustrating and it’s difficult to deal with that and frustration of not being able to do something that you have to do on national television and they are filming you during all of it so it’s definitely new to me.

Are there any dance floor rivalries brewing between you and the other stars?

The biggest trash-talker, the one that I have the biggest back and forth with would have to be Romeo. We’re both the young ones plus I’m coming from Disney Channel and Romeo was on Nickelodeon so we already have that battle. I think one to really watch out for is going to be Ralph [Macchio]. I mean, he was the Karate Kid so he’s used to beating people.

Will the Jonas Brothers be rooting for you from the crowd any time soon?

That would be amazing, I would love for them to stop by if they could. Right now all my family members have claimed the first couple weeks of tickets so hopefully I can get far enough where I can start having some friends stop by. It would mean a lot if they came.

What is your new series The Homes about?

The Homes is a web series about an indie band and my character Annie has been kind of forced to move away from her friends and her life in Los Angeles so her mother can follow her career dreams. Annie is just that typical teenage girl who lives on the internet and lives through Facebook and texting, which I’m also totally guilty of [being addicted to].

So, Annie meets this garage band that lives next door to her so she kind of tricks them into driving her across the country, promising them a record deal when they get to LA. Throughout this journey Annie is forced to kind of give up her computer and her cell phone and she kind of finds herself. There’s a lot of good music involved and romance and you know, this a great road trip movie and I kind of love it.

Watch The Homes’ music video for The Light Song below.

You’re a big Twitter user yourself, do you identify with Annie’s internet addiction?

I definitely identify with the [internet addict] part of Annie. I’m a huge fan of social networking just because I think it’s really fun to be accessible and be able to communicate with your fans, especially when you’re performing and you want to know if they like it or not.

I feel like I have a really cool fan base, they are all really funny and witty and cool kids, it’s like a cool new generation of kids. I love posting things on Twitter because I get to hear kind of what they have to say and I want to get to know them. It’s fun and it’s entertaining.

Some people might be scared to hear what others have to say about their work, have you mostly gotten positive responses on Twitter?

I’ve always been really blessed with the people who reach out. Of course you have haters but I have opinions about people that I’ve never met that I can’t stand so I understand where it comes from but for the most part everyone’s been a fan of Disney or a fan of Jonas. We’re all kind of growing up together and we’re all around the same age so it’s fun that now we are getting into a level where we are kind of introducing each other to new music.

I love to know what they are thinking because when they hate stuff they tell me and with our business I would rather do stuff that they like since it’s kind of the point, I really like to know what they are thinking.

I know you’re a big music fan, have you listened to Mark’s new album, HurtLoveBox, yet?

Yeah! I actually went to one of his shows at the House of Blues recently. Mark is an amazing singer-songwriter and the way he plays guitar is out of control. The first single that he is releasing is a song called “Hot Wire” and he actually asked me to be in the music video so we just filmed that video and we had a blast!

What’s the music video about?

The chorus to the song is kind of like meeting someone that brings you back to life that kind of hot wires your heart and really makes life exciting. So, [in the video] Mark is in kind of a rut and he is walking around Los Angeles and he spots this street artist which I’m playing and I’m pretty much hanging up posters illegally and he comes over to check it out and right then we get busted by the cops so we take off running and the rest of the video is our adventure together as we run from the police and get to know each other in downtown Los Angeles. It’s just really fun. They really just cut us loose with some posters and let us play and we had such a  good time.

What bands or artists are you listening to right now?

There’s a ton of great music out there right now, I just discovered this band called Reading Rainbow that is pretty amazing. I’m a huge fan of Frightened Rabbit, Darwin Deez, Marina and the Diamonds and The Naked Famous. I’m loving a lot of the stuff that is coming out right now.

We have a few fan questions from Twitter and Tumblr users: @ssinto13 would like to know if dancing was easier or more difficult than you thought it would be?

It’s definitely harder. Not only are you dealing with technique and making sure your body is in this position that would normally not feel comfortable to any human being but it’s a very private moment that’s being watched by millions of people. You’re dancing so close to someone and I dunno, I’ve had scenes where I’m kissing someone on television and that was kind of more comfortable than dancing with someone. That was another struggle, just kind of getting over that personal space issue.

Twitter user @teaMeganFox would like to know what is your biggest dream?

Megan Fox wants to talk to me!? No just kidding [laughs]. The goal at the end of the day is that I would really love to see the world. I’d really love to travel the world, whether that’s for work or play, I just kind of want to see it all.

That kind of goes into our next reader question: Thinklessdude from Tumblr would like to know if you ever plan to visit Brazil.

I would love to visit Brazil. I have a bunch of friends that work for the Disney Channel in South America and I spend a lot of time with them, whether they’re visiting the States or if I’m able to go to South America and visit them but I’ve never been to Brazil. A good friend of mine lives there so it would a blast to visit. Yes, I would love to do that!
Check out new episodes of The Homes on and be sure to vote for Chelsea and Mark on Dancing with the Stars when the show premieres on Monday, March 21 on ABC.

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