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Are you always on the hunt for last-minute way to complete your look? Celebuzz has found your solution with ChenZ Designs, handcrafted by jewelry designer Chen Zucker.

These chic and trendy pieces are designed to make a statement that represent who you are. The unique creations -- plated in 22k gold and sterling silver -- are embellished with various charms and stones.

Three lucky readers will be gifted with one of three following pieces:

  1. Lace leaf with azure Swarovsky flower necklace
  2. Khaki suede wrapped bracelet
  3. Gold link chain bracelet with brown Swarovsky flower crystal
How to enter:
  1. "Like" ChenZ on Facebook
  2. "Follow" ChenZ on Twitter
  3. Tell Celebuzz your  favorite fashion accessory in the comments below.
Additionally, Celebuzz readers get FREE shipping on any orders made at now through March 31, 2011! Use code: CBFREE at checkout.

Contest ends March 22nd at 11:59 PST.



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  • Carianis

    Like i said before i love chandelier earrings, is a elegant and sophisticated pieces they go with everythink, and they always still in, with jeans, a nice mini black dress a summer dress in any season. With your hair up or down and the look greats big or little. You can see i love chandelier earrings.

  • Molly

    Hi, I added Chen Z as a friend since there wasn't a 'like' button. I'm a follower on twitter now, too. MY favorite accessory lately are the sterling silver feather earrings with opal and obsidian inlay that I bought this past summer in Chicago. They will always remind me of my trip and I like that they were handmade by an American Indian. Of the 3 pieces in the giveaway, I think I like the suede wrapped bracelet best, though it's difficult to choose!

  • Chen

    Hi Shona Thank you for your feedback Chen

  • Shonah Schneider
    Shonah Schneider

    very nice things. Shonah

  • Chen

    Hi Amber Thank you for your feedback !!! Chen

  • Rebecca

    My favorite fashion accessory are bracelets. :D

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    my favorite fashion accessory is a gorgeous clamp bracelet that my grandmother gave me when she was my age, i wear it all the time and always get asked "where did you get that?!" i love having something that no one can have or recreate.

  • lienaud

    My favorite fashion accessory is my rock bracelet that a friend gave me.

  • Ericka Pugh
    Ericka Pugh

    For this season my favorite accessory is my Peace Out ring and my mom's old wedding band. Wearing them gives me a sense of self.

  • Amber

    My favorite accessory is definitely a necklace! I love them all long, short, simple or dramatic. Jewelry can really make an outfit so I always like to wear at least one piece. These pieces from Chenz Designs are stunning! @ambershoemate on twitter

  • Marianna1

    My very favourite accessory at the moment is my funky, colourful ring with a peace sign on it. I also like watches - not only trendy but also useful :-)

  • morgshim

    my favorite fashion accessory is my ring. It is very prominent so even if I'm wearing just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, it turns a very casual look into a very trendy look!

  • lolinglara

    My favorite accessory is my hair. I follow the trends and like to change the color every now and then. But of course I can never leave the house without a pretty necklace. I even make my own :)