Jesse McCartney Goes on Mystery Date (PHOTOS)

Jesse McCartney's Date Night in Hollywood
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Who's that girl? Jesse McCartney and a mystery date turned heads at BOA Steakhouse Monday night as they left hand-in-hand. 

Jess looked sharp in all black -- dark wash jeans, black shirt,  jacket and matching scarf.  The nearly 24-year-old (his birthday is in April) and his lady friend appeared to be enjoying their night out, though it's worth noting the young star appears to be in the paws of a cougar! 

The former child star is still making his voice heard in the industry with his voice over skills in the animated TV series Young Justice. As Celebuzz reported earlier, he's also writing a few songs for Justin Bieber's next album. 

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  • Megan

    I don't respect her for going out with someone half her age. I'm not judging but seriously. What is he thinking????? Image ruined

  • mikeb159

    Well, I know the girl he could have had as a girlfriend, someone his own age, but this person he is with does absolutely nothing for his image. Actually, pretty much a respect loser for me.

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H

    Come on!!!!! Is he serious???? He looks like he is with his mother! This is a big joke to his fans, so gross

  • Jmacitis

    Agree with brittney. This doesn't look normal. He is half her age. Not good peeps

  • Brittney

    I was a Jesse fan, not anymore. She's not Demi moore. Let's face it. Wish him the best

  • jessaddict

    I totally disagree with people saying his girlfriend is a cougar or she could be his mother! She seems (on the picture) a little older than him! maybe just a few years!dont forget Jesse will be soon 24 and he's a man not a teen! If you are a great JMAc fan dont be jealous and respect his choice! enough said!

  • Brittney

    She Could be hiIs Mother!!!! This isn't good at all! Not a Cougar! More like and old woman with tats.