Kourtney Kardashian & Co. Have Fashionable Family Lunch in Beverly Hills (PHOTOS)

Celeb Family Fun
Celeb fams have some good ol' fashioned fun.
Not every family can be as cool as the Kardashian-Disicks, but they can still try, right?

Kourtney Kardashian and beau Scott Disick , along with their 15-month-old son Mason, were spotted looking casually chic and color coordinated as they left La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Kourtney’s Twitter, she and Mason must have worked up an appetite earlier in the day, as they had an impromptu dance party to none other than Kim Kardashian’s single “(Jam) Turn it Up”:

mason&i having a dance party 2 auntie kimmy “maybach in the front,pick out any boy that i want!they playin my jam!turn it up turn it up dj”

Such a supportive sister! Sounds like the two had lots of fun!

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