Vanessa Hudgens Talks It Up During the Lakers Game (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Hudgens proved in High School Musical that she digs sports (and jocks), so catching her at a Lakers game isn't much of a surprise. Catching her in deep conversation with her friend during a good portion of the game, however, is a bit odd ... though maybe it's because the Lakers trounced the Magic by 13 points?

Whatever the reason, Vanessa and a short-haired friend seemed more interested in each other and gossiping than they did in Kobe Bryant and his fellow athletes on Monday night. Looking chic in all black, Hudgens and her pal were engaged in deep conversation for much of the game as photographers snapped away. But hey, let's face it, going to a Lakers game makes for great people-watching, so taking your eyes off the court is fully acceptable.

Hudgens has been a woman on the town lately, thanks in part to her very busy March. The month opened up with the release of her film Beastly, and on March 25, she'll unveil her butt-kicking side with the release of Sucker Punch. On top of that, she's been on a press and fashion whirlwind, and just last week was out and about with her best bud Brittany Snow to celebrate Brit's birthday. A week prior, she was in New York City, rocking sky-high heels and sexy dresses at every turn.



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  • double a
    double a

    thats the girl from Sucker Punch

  • Lala

    hey that's Emily Browning!

  • Laura

    How do you know about Sucker Punch, but not about Emily? Sure the hair is different but come on!

  • Kitten

    Ohhh how cute - Emily Browning <3 She's gorgeous,why didn't they include her name?Is this only for Disney girlies?!?

  • Zzz

    Yes, that's not just any "friend", you're right, that's Emily Browning!;)

  • Martha

    Dont you know thats her co-star, from Sucker Punch???...................

  • jennyjazz

    Isnt that Emily Browning from the movie they did together Suckerpunch?