Casting Couch: Who Should Play Peeta in 'The Hunger Games'?

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The Hunger Games, an upcoming film based on the hit book series which many have pegged as the next Twilight, doesn't come out for another year -- but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from constantly speculating about casting.

While Winter Bone's Jennifer Lawrence seems to be a front runner for the female lead of Katniss Everdeen, (despite some question on her fair looks, as Katniss is described as olive toned), there is still debate on who should play the role of her male ally Peeta in the film about a post-apocolyptic America.

So far it seems to be between newcomers Josh Hutcherson, Alex Pettyfer and (the most recent to enter the game) Hunter Parrish. But which one of these rising stars has what it takes to take on The Hunger Games on the big screen?

Who better to judge than the fans themselves? Celebuzz started a debate over on our Facebook page, we we want your input.

Think Vanessa Hudgens' new main squeeze is the perfect fit? Should the Weeds star take the role? How about the hunky I Am Number Four star -- do rumors of his diva-tude throw him out the running? Sound off on Facebook page or even tweet us @CELEBUZZ!



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  • JRHM

    They're all hot but Alex Pettyfer please. Madonna was right: Brits do it better! ;)

  • jo18

    Suzanne and Casting Director Gary have met Alex, Hunter, Josh. Why not meet other actors Liam and Chord and have them audition for the role. So that they’ll be able to pick the best Peeta for Jennifer/Katniss.

  • j

    Definitely not Josh. I used to think he was cute...when he was younger, now...ew. He has to strong of a jaw. And besides, Peeta is supposed to have blond hair, blue eyes. Does Josh have any of those? No, he doesn't. And I'm sure he would look even uglier with blond hair and blue eyes.

  • lshq

    I Think Alexander Ludwig from Race to witch mountain should be play as Peeta!!

  • em

    whoever except that a@@hole Pettyfer! He's a wife beater in the making!!!!

  • --

    no. please Alex Pettyfer please... I already dislike Jennifer lawrence, I want at least Peeta to be good..

  • LuxxStar

    They're all to freaking old!!!! Peeta and Katniss are 16 not 23. I'm sure they can find good actors who actually are the age their supposed to be or between 15-17. THG is gonna be 3 movies. We don't want to see a 27 year old for the third movie acting as a 18-19 year old do we??

  • noah

    You know you're getting old when you don't know who Alex Pettyfer, Hunter Parrish, Josh Hutcherson are or what The Hunger Games is... whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan sideboob and Miley Cyrus inappropriately dancing on a pole? Those were the days.

  • dafish11

    umm none there all not right for peta

  • watevs

    What the heck! Josh Hutcherson is not a new comer!!! He had been around since he was little