Demi Lovato Explains Her New Wrist Tattoo (VIDEO)

Demi Lovato Explains Wrist Tattoo
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Demi Lovato has found a permanent way of showing her love for her fans!

The Sonny with a Chance star revealed the heartwarming meaning behind her two new "Stay Strong" wrist tattoos in a new video on Cambio. Demi, 18, explains that she was inspired to get the tattoos after she saw the support she was receiving from fans after seeking treatment for emotional and physical issues back in October.

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Demi goes on to explain that she got a small heart added to her new tattoo to mimic the hearts that many fans drew on their wrists to show support for Demi while she was in treatment. Check out photos of Demi's wrist tattoo below.

The tattoo wasn't the only way that Demi showed her fans some love – the young star reactivated her Twitter account on Tuesday and immediately started tweeting and interacting with her online admirers. Demi deactivated her Twitter account shortly before entering rehab last year.

While Demi has not gone into details about why she sought treatment, it is believed that she was dealing with self-harm and an eating disorder. In a previous video, Demi told fans that she plans on speaking out about why she sought treatment to help other young people that are dealing with similar issues.

Demi got her new wrist tattoos shortly after leaving rehab earlier this year. In addition to her wrist tattoos, Demi has "You Make Me Beautiful" tattooed on her wrist and a light blue feather inked behind one of her ears.

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  • kburk

    Boy you guys need to check resources. Yes Demi does have tattoo's on her wrists, spelling out "Stay Strong" with a heart for her fans. But where you go wrong is that her "You make me beautiful" is on her ribcage not her wrists. That song by Bethany Dillon helped her when she was younger all her tattoos are for sentimental value.

  • Anne

    ad demi is back on twitter u guys

  • Anne

    love the heart at the end !

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    justice nana nkrumah

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