Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Details Her Perfume Peskiness (Video)

Kim Kardashian’s eponymous perfume is flying off of the shelves worldwide, and if you think Kim’s one of those celebs who isn’t involved in the process, think again.

In an exclusive video,Kim is seen discussing with SELF magazine (which she graces the cover of this month) how her fragrance came about, and how she likely gave the producer a head of gray hairs during the process. Kim says that her father inspired her to make a perfume thanks to memories of him bringing her fragrances from around the world, so for her own, she “really wanted it to be something that lasted a long time and something that I can wear for a few years.” Watch the video below!

“I picked all my favorite memories, basically, and put it in a bottle. Gardenia was my dad’s favorite flower, tuberose my mom’s, jasmine mine. I did torture the perfume house and made them redo the samples dozens and dozens of times because it had to be perfect.”

Kim also posted a video on her blog, saying that “I shot a bunch of behind-the-scenes videos at the shoot, and here’s the first one, where I talk about my fun adventures in NYC, and my nightmare trying to find a gym, lol,” adding that there’s more videos to come.