Glee’s Six Original Songs: Which One Reigns Supreme? (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber responds to Glee's take on his music.
Tuesday’s episode of Glee was highly-anticipated for two reasons: it was finally judgement day for New Directions (aka Regionals) and the McKinley High crew debuted a slew of original songs!

While in their eyes only two were good enough to make the cut for Regionals, there were four other OG songs that the Glee kids were able to conjure up, most of which were (surprisingly) good.

“Loser Like Me” and “Get it Right” are songs that can definitely hold a candle to some of their past numbers, but Celebuzz decided to compile all of last night’s original songs, and let YOU be the judge of which one you thought was the best.

New Directions’ ringleader Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) reached into some “fake pain” to produce the ballad “Only Child.” While it’s definitely better than her first attempt “My Headband” — and we appreciate the effort — it’s probably best this one didn’t make it to Regionals.

The sexually confused Santana (Naya Rivera) sang a tribute to her latest man-friend Sam (Chord Overstreet) and his “Trouty Mouth.” The sound of the song is catchy, but the lyrics and mean spirited lyrics towards our poor little Sam don’t fly (at least for us).

Puck (Mark Salling) decided it was round two for serenading Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) so he orchestrated the rock-a-billy tune, “Big Ass Heart.” We’re just going to say it — surprisingly good.

Mercedes (Amber Riley) was robbed! The fun and funky number, “Hell to the No” should have definitely made it to Regionals! It was fresh and sassy, just like Mercedes.

The first song that actually made the Regionals cut: “Get it Right,” is a lovely ballad with touching lyrics sang beautifully by Ms. Berry. Kudos!

Last but most certainly not least, “Loser Like Me” is an upbeat number about being an underdog, which is absolutely something the New Directions can understand. Also, if all the original songs they do from here on out are this good, we fully support it!

P.S. did anyone else get chills when they threw the glitter Slurpees in the audience, or was that just us?

What do you guys think of all the OG Glee songs last night? Hope they do more? Or think they should stick to covers? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts by tweeting us @CELEBUZZ or join the convo on our Facebook page!

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