Joe Jonas Tells Details: Ashley Greene ‘Understands’ Me

One Happy Couple
Joe and Ashley celebrate JJ's birthday.
Joe Jonas is at a crossroads in his already-beyond-successful career. He’s gearing up for his first foray into solo music after shooting to stardom with the Jonas Brothers, and he’s also got a very high-profile girlfriend: Twilight hottie Ashley Greene.

In a new interview and cover story for Details magazine, the middle Jonas brother opens up a bit about his future as a solo artist, life in the spotlight with Ashley — and even debuts a new muscular physique that’s more action stud than pop musician. He’s been working out five times a day on his body, and also quite a bit on his new sound, which he explains: “I wanted to do something you could hear in a club or something you could dance to, something’s that’s fun—something that’s me.”

Joe knows that there will be preconceived notions of what his new music will sound like, and he wants to shatter them while surprising his fans.

“I’m growing up, the fans are growing up.  I’ve gone through a lot of stuff in my life so far. There are stories I haven’t really been able to tell.  When you’re writing with three people, you wind up with a sound that might be—not average—but, you know, expected,” he tells Details.

As for Miss Greene, Joe says her fame and work ethic helps make things work, because “she really puts my feelings first.  She understands my busy schedule.  She’ll fly out to my shows—she’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”

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