Kim Kardashian Gets Carnivorous in White (PHOTOS)

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta replenish her energy with a big old steak.

Or, at least that’s what Kim Kardashian presumably did when she hit up the beef-centric STK restaurant in West Hollywood on Tuesday night in a flowing white top and fierce hair. Apparently Kim didn’t gorge herself too much, because late Tuesday night she took to Twitter to profess her most dire craving: “Craving a Tim Tam” she said, referring to the Australian chocolate cookies that her bodyguard Shengo famously gave her, leading to sparks flying. Now that’s a cookie!

Kim also took to Twitter on Tuesday night to respond to the sad news of the passing of rapper Nate Dogg, saying: “RIP Nate Dogg…West Coast LEGEND! My fav songs are-“Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” and “Regulator”!!!!”