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Don’t mess with Aubrey O’Day! The feisty female — and star of Oxygen’s All About Aubrey —  took it to the streets in defense of her friend outside celeb hotspot Katsuya Wednesday night. Paparazzi cameras captured every moment as she pushed and yelled at a man she says is a cheat. Aubrey tells Celebuzz why it all went down!

What started the fight?

Sean cheated on Stephanie with another one of my friends.  I’m very protective over all my friends, as they are like family to me.  It really upsets me when someone doesn’t treat them properly.

Have you all made up?

It hasn’t been resolved yet, but we all apologized that it got out of hand.  It wasn’t my proudest moment and should have taken place behind closed doors, but I also wasn’t expecting Sean to be at my dinner with Stephanie.  She tried to push us to reconcile too soon and I obviously wasn’t ready.

Will this play out on your reality show?

My friends are also my cast, so you will see a lot of these types of battles on-screen too. A lot of issues came out during filming.

Watch the epic battle below (WARNING – ADULT LANGUAGE):

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