It's Almost Friday: Celebrate with the Month's Biggest Meme! (VIDEO)

Rebecca Black Sings Friday
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If you've haven't heard "Friday" by Rebecca Black yet, you're missing the best of the worst on the internet. The young music hopeful has eclipsed Charlie Sheen as the web's biggest meme with what is being called "the worst video ever."

At over 12 million views, the 13-year-old has scored a viral hit with the weekend anthem. Rebecca has been criticized for the song's insipid lyrics, such as: "Yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday, we, we, we so excited, we so excited, we gonna have a ball today. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards." The heavily auto-tuned track also features a chorus that makes "Friday" sound more like "Fried Egg." The video literally follows Rebecca from waking up in bed to the breakfast table, where she sings about her morning bowl of cereal. While the attention has been mostly negative, the song is actually really catchy! 

Watch the video below for the full effect:  

In a matter of days the web exploded with various spoofs, including a dramatic interpretation by comedian-musician Matt Mulholland:

There's also a scream-o rock version that may inspire an air-guitar solo or two:

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  • twinklemepink06


  • argleblargle

    For a song about how excited she is regarding the weekend, she sounds incredibly monotone and bored.

  • Bryan Botts
    Bryan Botts

    Fridays will never be the same. Never.

  • Fanpires

    i don't think friday is really that fun.

  • pelicanfly

    It's so bad that it makes me wanna play it so much just to think of jokes about it.

  • twinklemepink06

    its the worst song ever pretty much. i don't think anyone with half a brain is taking this song seriously.

  • Golden

    No. Its not good.