Justin Bieber Is in a Steel Cage of Emotion in London (PHOTOS)

Despite all his rage, Justin Bieber is just an international teen superstar in a cage.

The wonderful city of London got their second case of Bieber Fever on Wednesday night when JB performed concert number two at the O2 Arena, and he even brought out the heavy metal for the British crowd. No, not musical heavy metal, but big hunking cages of steel that propelled Baby Biebs over the crowd as he belted out his biggest hits. Bieber had not just one, but two cages as the concert played out — one a sphere-like cage, and the other a cute little heart cage that was the perfect setting for a romantic ballad.

Biebs was apparently quite happy with Wednesday night’s concert, tweeting: “INCREDIBLE SHOW TONIGHT!! even @thatrygood got in on the action. lol. THANK YOU LONDON…1 more 2morrow night! #west”

Bieber’s been on a trek across the United Kingdom for nearly two weeks now. He’s already performed in Liverpool, Dublin and other venues, and on Thursday will finish up his London stint of three concerts before heading to Manchester.