Confirmed: Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene Split!

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Break Up
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Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have ended their hot romance.

Reps for Ashley, 24, and Joe, 21, tell Celebuzz that the two have indeed split up:

We can confirm that they have parted ways and have no further comment.

The New York Post's Page Six first reported that the couple ended their relationship weeks ago but have kept the break-up under wraps. The pair reportedly drifted apart due to their hectic work schedules (Ashley is currently filming Breaking Dawn and Joe is recording his first solo album) but the two will remain friends.

News of the break-up couldn't have come at a more awkward time as Joe just gushed about how Ashley "understands [his] busy work schedule" to Details magazine.

"She really puts my feelings first, Joe told the magazine about his then-girlfriend. "She understands my busy schedule.  She’ll fly out to my shows—she’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce." Check out photos of the couple during happier times below.

Joe and Ashley met at the London premiere of Eclipse last summer, shortly after Joe broke up with Demi Lovato. Once they started dating, Ashley flew out to various cities and countries to join Joe as he went on his Camp Rock 2 tour with his brothers and Demi. Because of her tendency to accompany Joe around the world, Ashley was unfairly blamed by fans for causing Demi's October breakdown while out on tour in South America.

Ashley was previously linked with Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder. Joe has dated a bevy of famous women, including Demi, Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle. Taylor famously dissed Joe on Ellen in 2008, telling the world that Joe dumped her over a 27-second phone call. Check out a guide to Joe's many hook-ups below.

Swifty's remarks – paired with Joe's long list of former loves – earned the Jonas Brothers front-man a reputation for being a heartbreaker, a label that he has flatly rejected.

"I know there’s people out there who say I’ve been breaking hearts, but listen to our songs – yhey speak the truth," Joe revealed in a 2010 interview with the Toronto Star. "If hearts have been broken, they’re usually ours. What happens in our relationships winds up in our songs and haters will be haters."

Ashley doesn't appear to be that upset about the break-up: She was spotted partying at Avenue in New York City with Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill. Ashley's friend and LOL co-star Miley Cyrus was reportedly romancing Jared earlier this month.

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  • jfsdkfj

    bet they regretted talking about each other interviews with magazines that came out aorund that time

  • Fanpire Gleek
    Fanpire Gleek

    wow,i totally didnt see this coming *sarcasm* there relationship wasnt even intresting so seeing them break up after 5 months wasnt really a shocker, it was like reading book made for 4 to 5 year olds. Wat is with joe and dating every girl he knows, either he's a really bad player, has relationships issue's or he's so bad he cant get a girl stupid enough to stay with him after 5 months, i never like joe anyway, he's relationships just help him save time

  • Erene Queen
    Erene Queen

    i'm just wondering, why all joe's relationship didn't last ?? is there something wrong with him ?

  • bieber lover
    bieber lover

    yaaaaaaaaaaaay good for him she sucks -.- demi is much more better than her !! all though i hate jonas </3 but good for joe !!

  • pelicanfly

    Joe obviously F'ed her

  • emma

    how history repeats himself....

  • noah

    She'll be dating Simon Rex by the end of the month.

  • Lola

    Funny how they split up as Demi starts coming back into the whole Hollywood scene.

  • noah

    I love how he has an interview in Details magazine this month talking about how Ashley understands him so much. Not so much apparently. Does she have to give him back his purity ring?

  • nony

    :( anyway its life :D:D

  • jonasgirl91

    that just made my day! glad they can still be friends though