Adrianne Palicki as 'Wonder Woman': First Look! (PHOTO)

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman
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Comic book fans, rejoice: After a long delay, the first glimpse of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman is here to soothe your superhero needs.

In the photo given out by Warner Bros, Palicki -- rocking black hair and sporting WW's signature headband and latex red-blue-and-gold outfit -- puts on a tough girl front and grimace, because everyone knows Wonder Woman is one bad mama. Palicki will play WW in David E. Kelley's TV reboot of the superhero storyline, as well as her alter-ego Diana Themyscira and her assistant.

Palicki is best known for her gritty -- and blonde, at the time -- portrayal of Tyra on the TV series of Friday Night Lights. Check out a clip of her FNL days below:

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  • Greg

    I can't believe they cast this dog in a role that needs someone who is as beautiful as Lynda Carter!

  • John Attila Kollar
    John Attila Kollar

    How nice.