‘American Idol’ Boots Second Girl; All Guys Remain

Spoiler alert! One more hopeful was sent packing last night on the American Idol elimination show. Once again, the bottom three consisted of all girls — a sure sign that the guys are taking the lead in the competition thus far.

For the second week in a row, Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez were in danger of being sent home. They were joined by Chicago native Naima Adedapo, who took part in the city’s last Summerfest — cleaning toilets. Luckily she won’t be trading the mic for the scrub brush any time soon.

It was obvious Haley was disappointed to be up for elimination once again, as the 20-year-old is struggling to find her comfort zone. She admitted that she needs to find better material that reflects her personal style, which she described as “rock and funk and blues all into one.” After hearing her critiques, she was also deemed safe.

That left only Karen, who had skillfully mixed a little Latin flavor into her performances by singing in both English and Spanish. Due to her obvious talents the judges debated using their one save to keep her in the competition, but they failed to come to a unanimous decision and had to end her AI journey. 

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