Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene’s Breakup Will Help Their Careers, Says Expert

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With the news that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene have decided to end their relationship, Celebuzz reached out to writer and celebrity romance expert Jessica Radloff to give us her take on the break-up.

Hey, Ryan Seacrest! You there? Maybe the American Idol host can shed some insight into the reasons behind Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas split. After all, it was Seacrest who said on Idol said he was “tighter with Joe” after Top 12 contestant Karen Rodriguez said she only auditioned for Idol so her sister, Karol, could meet Joe’s brother, Nick Jonas.

Well, while I wait for Ryan to call me back, the bottom line is that we have another celebrity split on our hands, and much like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s split, the rumor mill is in full force over why the two young stars broke up. Gotta say though, I, for one, am not surprised by the split (she’s 24; he’s 21; both have red-hot careers) and truthfully wouldn’t be surprised if they reunited down the road. Although Joe admitted to Details magazine that Ashley always puts his feelings first, she’s no wallflower. Of all his past relationships, Ashley seemed the best match for a guy who wanted to prove he wasn’t your typical teeny-bopper: She has a sexy, in-charge image, which was much different from Taylor Swift’s sweet, girl-next-door persona.

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If anything though, the split should help their careers since it keeps Joe in the forefront of the celebrity gossip mill and makes Ashley prime relationship fodder.

Regardless, I don’t se these two settling down soon anyways. They are so young, so talented, and being pulled in 80 million directions. Ashley showed she was willing to put in a lot of effort by visiting Joe in exotic locations during his tour but in the end it might have come down to Ashley putting Joe’s feelings first and not the other way around. Joe wants all the attention, but then when he gets it, he’s over it. Singing your praises to a national magazine is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t make up for the real thing.

Meanwhile, Idol contestant Karen Rodriguez might want to see if Seacrest can get her sister a date with Joe. Hey, maybe that one could last. After all, Joe would have to grab the attention away from his brother, Nick. It’s Hollywood. Stranger things have happened!

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