Katy Perry Clowns Around in London for a Good Cause (PHOTOS)

People are used to seeing Katy Perry in cupcake bras, strawberry miniskirts and other fruit or latex get-ups. A clown nose, however, was a bit unexpected -- though this time it wasn't for shock value or to sate Katy's never-ending obsession with fruit.

Perry left the offices of BBC's Radio 1 show late Thursday night donning a red clown nose in support of Red Nose Day -- which is March 18 and is designed to bring a humor-based side to fundraising and charitable actions. Katy was on the show as host Chris Moyles entered his record-breaking 44th hour of being on air. That's almost two days! There's definitely some red eyes to go along with that red nose.

Red nose aside, Katy looked stunning in a sleek silver dress and long, flowing black locks.

According to the website:

"Red Nose Day is on Friday 18th March. It's a day like no other when the whole country gets together to do something funny for money and change countless lives in the process ... And the best bit? All the fun and mayhem helps to raise cash and transform lives across the UK and Africa."


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