Reed Alexander Talks to Celebuzz About ‘iCarly’ Backlash

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What happens when you become hated by everyone? Reed Alexander is about to find out thanks to iCarly. In a Celebuzz interview, the young actor talks about dealing with bad behavior — and what helps him put tough times behind him.

Your character Nevel has an embarrassing moment become public on this week’s iCarly, have you ever had something like that happen?

Luckily no! Nevel’s behavior really leads to some deep consequences!

The moment ruins his image; definitely a bad day for Nevel. We all have those kind of days, how do you get over yours?

I really don’t dwell too much on the negative, so I spend time with great friends and family! We usually cook up a tasty meal that we really enjoy, watch a good comedy and do a lot of laughing!

What’s it like on the iCarly set? 

The iCarly set is always a blast! The cast and crew are so funny and fun to be with. They’re amazing and incredibly talented!  Dan Schneider, the ingenious creator and executive producer of iCarly, has a hilarious way of sneaking up on us and scaring us, making us all burst out laughing!

Your website ( is really, well, “kewl”..!! When did you get started in the kitchen and who taught you how to cook?

I’m a major foodie, and cooking and eating (and the love thereof) have always been a part of my life! I’m a huge fan of cooking shows on the Food Network and Cooking Channel. I’m pretty much self taught when it comes to cooking. I’ve basically turned my kitchen into a mini science lab complete with a multi-test-tube spice-rack, and I’m always experimenting! I’ve had a lot of mishaps along the way, and things have definetely gone up in smoke!

I’ve just released my first product called the KEWL DECK! It’s a deck of 25 recipe cards (go on… Pick a card, any card!) with lots of exclusive treats, plus tips and ideas with cooking and living healthfully!

Nice! What’s your favorite dish to eat? 

One of my favorite dishes is my Kewl Veggie Pizza. It’s decked out with a crispy wholegrain crust plus tons of delicious toppings. A meal that’s fast and easy to put together, and always is satisfying!

Watch Reed ruin his image as Nevel on iCarly this Saturday on Nickelodeon.