Celebuzz Beauty: The Perfect Star Stubble

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Scruffy is so in, you guys. Just ask Alex Pettyfer, Robert Pattinson and Jake Gyllenhaal!

Growing in a little stubble isn’t beauty for lazy people. It takes effort! The look is NOT supposed to resemble a mountain man. Here’s how men’s mag Details says to get it right:

  •  Touch: Whiskers should feel softer than sandpaper, but not bushy.
  • Length: If you pull them with your fingertips, you should pinch a little skin. If your trimmer goes to 10, set it to level 3 or 4, keeping in mind that the “barely-there beard” always looks better a day or two after its cut.
  • Fullness: If you have large, patchy spots on your cheeks after three days of growth, it’s time to abandon the mission.
  • Shape: Shave under the jaw! Letting neck hair grow out just looks like a big old mess. 
  • Prep: Prevent itchy neck and cheeks by using a mild cleanser.
  • Pre-Treat: Before shaving, help avoid razor burn in that extra-sensitive neck area with a lubricating pre-shave oil.

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