The Jolie-Pitt Clan Has a Fun Family Outing in New Orleans (PHOTOS)

The Gangs All Here!
Jolie-Pitt Family Outing in New Orleans

Going anywhere with six kids is an event in and of itself, but when you're the Jolie-Pitt clan and add frenzied photogs, it's a whole other story.

Super-couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took their kids, Maddox, 9, Zahara, 6, Shiloh 4, Pax 7, Vivienne and Knox, both 2, out to a farmer's market in sunny New Orleans on Sunday afternoon. The crew was all smiles as they picked up some groceries while the cameras clicked away.

So what brought them to NOLA?They were visiting papa Pitt as he is currently busy filming his latest film Cogan's Trade, a mobster flick. While Angelina has been relatively low on everyone's radar recently, she'll be busy this summer promoting the sequel to the animated hit, Kung Fu Panda.

Check out the adorable family photos in the gallery and tell us on Facebook or Twitter what you think of the outing!



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  • Khieu Thy
    Khieu Thy

    Wonderful pictures, wonderful people

  • Khieu Thy
    Khieu Thy

    What a family, vow! wonderful family

  • Sherrie Adams
    Sherrie Adams

    I so miss the Jolie-Pitts ehehe Vivienne now looks more like Shiloh hehehe


    Thank God for your lovely family

  • Jennifer

    Interesting how the posts of JAniston are strategically shown in a site related to Angelina and Brad. Not too much interest in what fillers she's using now, or how well the botox is going..If Angelina did this to her face she would be dubbed a freak. It's horrible, and obvious, please we are educated enough in cosmetic surgery to know what that stiff, plastic look really means. If no interest in her outside of her long dead marriage why bother at all? Ah, cos people like me feel the need to point out the obvious hence artifically inflating the interest factor. Angelina, please don't do this to yourself, your beauty if natural and enduring without a ton of putty injected under your skin.

  • Jennifer

    Angelina is such a rare combination of inimitable beauty, intellect, talent, compassion, charisma, edge, magentic sex appeal, courage and a devoted mother. Ange eclipses her peers, there has been no-one like her before and I doubt we'll see anyone who comes close in the future. I imagine Hollywood without Angelina, she is the red tint that gives it life, the diamond in the crown. Angelina has divided nations, her beauty evoking envy, lust, anger, rage and in some case actual threats. Her movies evocative, raw and real, her work with the UN commendable and dangerous, such a high profile and still willing to voice her concerns about dictators, she would be very aware of the potential danger, despite this she continues to shine the public gaze onto these dark regions of the world and the leaders who allow this to happen. She is beyond amazing, yet the lynch mob mentality of the small minded remains. A sad inditement on human nature. Loving the family photos, so natural and carefree.

  • dreamyeyes

    This is a beautiful family. I am proud of their parents and I know they are doing an awesome job bring all six of them up in this world. Simply Beautiful!!

  • caroline

    A beautiful...warm ...loving family...who could ask for more...

  • Glee