Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Take a Romantic Stroll (PHOTOS)

Don't let the size difference fool you: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries seem to be a very good match for each other, as the two continued enjoying the company of one another during a romantic night on the town this weekend.

On Sunday night, Kris -- who's got more than a foot and a half on Kim (he's 6'9", she's 5'2") -- took Miss Kardashian around New York City for dinner at the swanky and celeb-studded Cipriani's, and then for a stroll on Sunday night. Kim rocked leather pants and low-cut black-and-white top, while Humphries kept things casual in jeans and a checkered button-up. As they sauntered down the street, Kris had his arm draped around Kim's shoulder as he peered down upon her from way above.

With her man by her side, Kim didn't have to worry about being a third wheel -- which was exactly the case on Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. In the episode, Khloe comes to visit her two sisters in the Big Apple, and Kim feels left out as the two go about with their own activities.



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  • Leezie

    Trust me dey are perfect togeda and I wish Dem d best in their marriage.......

  • mario

    i wonder how low he has to go to kiss her

  • anna

    he looks like a giant next to her

  • Natalia

    She should wear flats more. Then he'll be like 20 heads taller than her hahaha it'll be funny

  • shelbyb

    he is seeexy!

  • shan123

    very tall guy!

  • guest

    Why would anyone want to date that low life piece of Karadashian trash? She has to be along with her family the most worthless piece garbage.

  • Chandler1

    Humphries, I am warning you. You better break it off with Kim. Of I will be 10 times up in your ass, quote that MF.

  • tatts09

    when did hayden panettiere get really bad extentions,dye her hair black and get a boob job?waiitaaaminuteeeee....that's kim moonboobbimbo and the jolly green giant...when did this happen??

  • Linda

    its funny how kim made fun of lamar that he is toooo tall and she would never marry some one like that and look at her and her boytoy I love klo and kort. they are more real and down to earth, they dont seem to care about looks like kimmy. :p

  • Anam Ahmed
    Anam Ahmed

    Aww Cute :)

  • har

    that is a very very ugly couple , next to him kim look like a midget

  • noah

    I wonder if Khloe talks smack to Kim because Lamar was a #4 pick and Humphries was #14?

  • Tatia Young
    Tatia Young

    Good luck Kim K...I hope you've found your soulmate. Many and happy blessings. Tatia Young