Lady Gaga Unveils New 'Born this Way' Promo Shot

'Born this Way'
Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Video
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The release of Lady Gaga's latest sure-to-be-masterpiece Born this Way is rapidly approaching. To keep fans happy, she recently tweeted out a new (and rather haunting) image.

While it doesn't reveal much, Mother Monster tweeted out this image and simply wrote: "BORN THIS WAY," and added 5-23-11 to the photo, aka the album's release date.

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  • Gaga

    Masterpiece? Please. You mean a rehash of what her idols have done? All of her songs are a hodge-podge of other songs. That picture has also been around for a while and we've seen the wannabe freak look during her Grammy performance. The prosthetics are also things she took from other artists.

  • twinklemepink06

    I know this isn't Gaga's goal, but the way the cosmetics were placed on her cheekbones and temples make her look like an anorexic person.