Royal Romance: ‘William & Kate’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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This one’s for the lovers! As the world awaits one of the most highly-anticipated weddings of our time between Prince William and Kate Middleton, Lifetime fills the gap between celebrity and real life with William and Kate, inspired by true events plucked from their very public royal romance. Watch the trailer here:

The short preview hints at the trials and tribulations the couple has faced over the years, including the ever-present paparazzi that follows them mercilessly. One scene depicts Kate bawling her eyes out while taking a bath with a glass of red wine. Even when she’s down, the girl’s a class act! Also featured is an interview with the actors who play the famous lovers, who promise more than anything else that the made for TV movie will be a “great love story.”

The Lifetime original makes its debut April 18. The real-life William and Kate tie the knot on Friday, April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

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