Taylor Momsen Lets It All Hang Out at SXSW (PHOTOS)

What’s the best way to close out SXSW — a festival that prides itself on edge and unconventionality? Give Taylor Momsen the stage!

Taylor took the stage with her band The Pretty Reckless to perform at Perez Hilton’s ‘One Night in Austin’ party, and even by normal Momsen standards, the Gossip Girl starlet outdid herself when it comes to wardrobe choice. Clad on an almost-skin-colored dress, thigh-high stockings, clear stilettos and a mini leather jacket, Momsen worked the stage like a seasoned rocker — even if she’s only 17. According to one fan report, however, things got a bit R-rated, as one Express-News writer reports:

“One partygoer left in a fury after Momsen, looking something like the Corpse Bride on her wedding night, got a female fan to strip off her shirt and dance onstage. Not an atypical heavy-metal moment — but did I mention that Taylor is 17?”

Seventeen or not, Momsen has built up quite a fanbase thanks to her television and music work — enough to make her a co-host candidate for Simon Cowell as he fleshes out his roster for The X Factor. Celebuzz exclusively reported this weekend that Momsen was in consideration for the gig because she’s “young, hip and edgy” and has just the energy the show is looking for.