Charlie Sheen Plants a Kiss on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel may have gone from talk show host to goddess last night, as Charlie Sheen randomly burst onto the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live and laid a big, wet kiss on the host, who seemed equal parts amused and confused with the incident.

It all went down as Kimmel was interviewing guest Mark Cuban about Sheen, when all of a sudden Charlie came out from the side and began high-fiving audience members and riling up the crowd with curses and free t-shirts. He then approached Cuban for a quick hug, and that’s when he set his sights on Jimmy. Watch in the video below:

Sheen told Kimmel his lips “are very moist,” and then gave him a mug with a fox on it, furthering the speculation he’s in talks with Fox for a talk show gig. “I’ll let you figure it out, my man,” Sheen said.

And like that … he was gone.