Chris Brown Freaks Out After ‘GMA’ Interview; Breaks Window and Tears Shirt Off (PHOTOS)

Chris Brown majorly lost his cool on the set of Good Morning America this morning after a set of questions regarding his assault on Rihanna, ending in the singer tearing off his shirt and reportedly breaking a window backstage.

Brown was peppered with questions by Robin Roberts about the infamous Rihanna incident, and despite his tries to turn the conversation back to his album, the conversation kept shifting back towards his legal woes. After the interview, off camera, TMZ reports:

“Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security …  one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway.”

During her one-on-one with the singer, Roberts asked several questions related to Brown’s woes, eventually, after several diversion attempts by Brown, saying, “You can understand how some people… it was very serious, what you went through. Even the judge though afterward said you served your time … how have you been able to…” Brown then jumped in, saying “I think this album is what I want people to hear. Definitely this ALBUM is what I want people to talk about, and not stuff that happened two years ago.”

Brown then skipped a performance he was supposed to give for ABC’s website.

Just hours before Brown’s GMA appearance, he tweeted: “Everybody look at good morning America!!!!” Following the incident, he tweeted — and then deleted — the message “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t,” following it up instead with the vague “All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!”

Brown has had a hard time revamping his image and public perception since he attacked Rihanna. He’s lashed out several times on Twitter, and recently made the proclamation that he was done answering questions about the incident.