Chris Brown Freaks Out After ‘GMA’ Interview; Breaks Window and Tears Shirt Off (PHOTOS)


Chris Brown majorly lost his cool on the set of Good Morning America this morning after a set of questions regarding his assault on Rihanna, ending in the singer tearing off his shirt and reportedly breaking a window backstage.

Brown was peppered with questions by Robin Roberts about the infamous Rihanna incident, and despite his tries to turn the conversation back to his album, the conversation kept shifting back towards his legal woes. After the interview, off camera, TMZ reports:

"Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security ...  one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway."
During her one-on-one with the singer, Roberts asked several questions related to Brown's woes, eventually, after several diversion attempts by Brown, saying, "You can understand how some people... it was very serious, what you went through. Even the judge though afterward said you served your time ... how have you been able to..." Brown then jumped in, saying "I think this album is what I want people to hear. Definitely this ALBUM is what I want people to talk about, and not stuff that happened two years ago."

Brown then skipped a performance he was supposed to give for ABC's website.

Just hours before Brown's GMA appearance, he tweeted: "Everybody look at good morning America!!!!" Following the incident, he tweeted -- and then deleted -- the message "I'm so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t," following it up instead with the vague "All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I'm so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!"

Brown has had a hard time revamping his image and public perception since he attacked Rihanna. He's lashed out several times on Twitter, and recently made the proclamation that he was done answering questions about the incident.



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  • Tirah SpokenWord Johnson
    Tirah SpokenWord Johnson

    chris has a tight cleaning crew not that ole black magic ..swerve

  • TeamBreezy

    F*ck the haters. #TeamBreezy

  • raheema
    raheema u b.tch . Chris brown has changed . she shouldna been brangin up old sh.t . #ChrisBrownFanForLife ! .

  • sema4

    Rachel - stupid, my dear, is a little girl( of whatever age you are ) subscribing to the theory that men don't really mean to actually hit women and if they do, then the women must have done something to 'make' them . You really, really need to examine that stupid, naive and downright and contemptible idea. Hopefully before you lie there bleeding saying sorry honey I didnt mean to make you mad ....whilst trying to keep him from bashing the baby............

  • sophie1986

    I don’t think we’re “praising” Charlie Sheen; I’d say we’re treating him like a decrepit roller coaster: maintaining a safe distance while waiting for it to collapse and kill dozens.

  • Jennifer

    People can be wounded emotionally and psychologically by attacks like these so how do you know Rhianna's wounds have healed? People might get off his back if he actually apologised properly - not for the "mishap" or the "incident" (like her face hit his fist!) but for beating his girlfriend.

  • jjjj

    kay he did it and its over with, doesnt mean you have to keep throwing it in his face he learned his lesson hes moving past it he paid his price is over n done with let the kid move on

  • ROBB24

    All of you need to chill and get off this niggas back. I mean damn, everyone is STILL talking bad about him after something that happened 2 years ago. You can see all of this bad talk is driving him crazy. Rihanna's wounds healed after a couple months now get off chris's back and let him get on with his life. Everybody's always so quick to criticize someone and talk sh*t about them. Criticize yourself...

  • Phyllis Monk
    Phyllis Monk

    I think that he is a disgrace to the human race. He is a woman battierer and will never change. I know from lst. hand. I was married to a batterer. What Chris Brown done to Rehiana, he will do again to another girlfriend. He is a piece of _hit in my book.

  • DMAC 45
    DMAC 45

    I wish that people would just leave the past exactly what it is the past. everyone deserves a second chance, so let him promote his CD and move forward please. I am sure he has learned from what happened and robin should have just let it go and focused on why he even gave an interview. P.S chris breezy stay away from rere her energy is so negative for ur past and ur present:(

  • Vibrant

    Chris Brown needs to accept he will be asked questions about the Rihanna incident for some time. It was a public domestic violence incident and he could have killed Rihanna. There are individuals who can help him to respond to these questions in an appropriate diplomatic manner .So- I believe he needs to participate in anger management and long term psychotherapy because he witnessed domestic violence as a child and as an adult he is showing what he learned. This issue can not be corrected in a crash course anger management course to appease the judge. He has to do so because he realizes the seriousness of what he did and recognizes that he need long term professional help to begin to learn more appropriate ways to deal with anger, frustration. His reaction to the interview what highly inappropriate, demonstrates that he needs help and he will never move forward if he continues to act out. The hell with Charlie Sheen - we're talkin about Chris Brown today - and he was OUT of control regardless of his skin tan.

  • mae

    I agree, Robin pushed the issue....he answered although trying to evade but she wouldnt let up....he should have handled it better though....go get his album!

  • mae

    He still has issues, but I do think Robin pushed the issue even after he answered trying to be evasive. He wanted to promote his album and make fresh start. Oh well true colors cant be either love him or hate him! I was giving him a chance because I like his music..but I dont know if I would get his album now after this. He should have handled it better! NOt let anyone get the worst of him!!!


    White men always get away with beating on women. Look at Mel Gibson, Charley Sheen, Bill Clinton.


    Chris needs to get it through his head, he is not Charley Sheen, aka WHITE.

  • SweeteepiE89

    Ok, but what happened with him and Rihanna was 2 years ago, he was supposed to be promoting his new album, so why are you people bringing it up now? That's the past. Move the fuck on, and grow up! Why are you guys making it your business to criticize him? Even though the chair, and walking through new york without a shirt on was a little dramatic. But I will STILL be your BIGGEST FAN Chris!!!!!!

  • testington

    his music isn't very good, his only claim to fame is being an awesome dancer. He speaks like the ghetto piece of trash he is

  • rob

    Is this a SNL skit?

  • Lisa

    when i first read the reports I thought the interviewer must have been a major a-hole, but then seeing the video...I have seen journalists bait people and it's incredibly obnoxious, but this was so NOT that! She was even complementing him about how the judged praised him and just tying it in asking if it had something to do with the name of the album. He handled it perfectly and she responded in kind. So not an issue. Guy's a moron and a buffoon.

  • rsac3

    You're SOOOOO right!!!!!!!!!!! I agree 100% with you. If he's so right as he says... why in the hell he needs to create all that drama???? He's doing nothing but being an asshole!!!

  • Mango02048

    So you think just because someone doesn't 'mean' to do something they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions? Let's remember he is not a child. And I agree, it was 2 years ago, maybe we need to see if he can move past and grow from that 'incident' (the severe battery of a person). But it is these types of blowups and comments that keep us thinking he has learned nothing and he's mad that we remember? I am also going to avoid 'losing it' on you about your "she done something" comment because either you've been brain washed by abusive role models or are hopelessly ignorant. The past will be let go once he shows he can and has taken responsibility. Until then, suck it up like she had to while he was beating her.

  • carol2011

    maybe if he would own the crap he had done instead of thinking HE is the victim, people would have some compassion. Also, he thinks people are praising charlie sheen? He's got mental problems.

  • sophie1986

    Say what you guys want, but that window he broke? It’ll think twice before it talks back again. Also, I’m thinking that shitty blonde dye job might be another source of his rage.

  • Rachel

    You guys are stupid obviously Chris Brown didnt mean to actully mean hit her,She obviously 'done' something to make him hit her! Just think,no one ever takes his side for this now i know its sad for her but Chris brown has been dealing with it the most,You dont see rhianna getting asked questions about it do you? I think the reporters and crap need to back the hell up and ask fucking questions about his music or new tour or even fans rather than his life and let him live his life he has better shit to think about rather than something thats happended about 2 years ago,He has a new cd and new tour out lets make him feel proud for bothering to write another song,Or make another cd

  • Maggie Vaughan
    Maggie Vaughan

    thats what his woman beating self gets!!! how does he think she felt while he was beating her??

  • noah

    I love this. I really hope he goes beserker like when Britney Spears shaved her head and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella.