Giveaway Alert: Get a Gobie H2O Water Bottle

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GOBIE H20 Self-Filtering Water Bottle Giveaway
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In honor of World Water Day, Celebuzz is giving away a GOBIE H2O self-filtering water bottle!

While many take it for granted, nearly one billion people don't have access to safe drinking water. GOBIE is all about safeguarding our most precious natural resource!  Additionally, the reusable canister saves the environment from being trashed by plastic bottles. Win-win! 

GOBIE filters as you drink, so there's no need to get store-bought water; simply fill it from the tap. Your body, wallet, and our planet will thank you! 

To enter, tell Celebuzz one way you reduce, reuse and recycle to help make the world a greener place. Entrants must be submitted by Tuesday, March 29, 2011.

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  • dixie

    - ll my bills and banking is done online - recycle, recycle, recycle and let's not forget compost! - reusable gorcery bags - reusable mugs and water bottles

  • twinklemepink06

    I use reuseable bags to shop everywhere. I pay all bills online to save paper. I type my notes instead of buying paper & pens/pencils. I recycle paper, metal, glass, aluminum, and plastic. I buy e-books instead of regular books. I use energy efficient light bulbs and usually try to only use lights at night. I would say my carbon footprint is very insignificant due to various things.

  • Jamie

    My family does everything we can to save on energy and recycling from trying hard not to use water bottles to using less water when showering. We recycle all paper products of any kind in our house, aluminum, plastic. We also try to buy our fruits/vegetables from local farmer's markets instead of chain grocery stores.

  • Carianis

    I always said NO to junk mail! i call toll-free numbers in unwanted catalogs and I ask to be removed from mailing lists, also I use the Internet to obtain (and pay) bills, news, catalogs, stock reports and other information that usually comes to my house in a paper format. Reducing paper reduces waste. Plus i love to use my reusables bag went i go shopping they look so chic and they coming in a bunch of textures, colors and designs.

  • kclarksonfnatic

    In order to make the world a greener place, i use a reusable coffee mug, print on the front and backs of pages, and recycle cans, plastic, glass, and paper. I also carpool whenever possible.

  • Karen B
    Karen B

    - I use a reusable ceramic coffee cup with a lip for my morning coffee/tea instead on using a cup from the shop - I compost and recycle - I walk/bicycle to work and to class whenever possible - I recycle paper, plastic, cans and glass - I use cold water for washing my clothes - I use energy efficient light bulbs

  • DKatt

    I get up an hour earlier than I need to so my hubby and I save water taking a shower together.

  • Mari Desilva
    Mari Desilva

    I use cloth diapers on my baby....time to get rid of those non-decomposing disposables!!

  • moves

    When brushing my teeth or washing my face, I never leave the water running. :) So easy and it actually makes a big difference.

  • Mayesha Hayat
    Mayesha Hayat

    -I recycle all my plastic bottles & paper! -I never leave the tap running when im not using it. -i have bottles at home that i reuse for water.