Got Any Burning Questions for Kendall & Kylie Jenner? Send Them Our Way!

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Celebuzz is gearing up for an interview with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and we want YOUR questions!

Whether you want to know their favorite food, article of clothing or even Kardashian sister, there's a chance your question could get asked!

How do you leave us a question?Simple! Just drop a line in the comments section and we'll sort though and ask the girls! What are you waiting for?! Get commenting!

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The Kardashians
The Kardashians
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  • bradley18

    What's it like where you girls live? I have always wanted to visit there

  • jasmeen24

    kendall-when you were younger what made you want to become a model?

  • jasmeen24

    kylie-what is your favourite feauture on your face and why?

  • cottoncandy123

    kendall and kylie-what your faveroute feauture on face and why???/ from jasmeen

  • ella

    Kendall-What's your inseam???

  • Lucille

    Kendall-what's your inseam?

  • Jhea

    Hey there, Kendall and Kylie! so my question is: we all know that you guys have MILLIONS of fans, what would it take for a fan like my sister and I to get your attention e.g: (keek, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail)... Thank you!

  • lulabellie

    for kendall and kylie <3

  • lulabellie

    What Is The Best Thing About Each Of Your Sisters And Why?

  • jake harris
    jake harris

    kendall and kylie who the most famous person you've ever meet? p.s. i love mordern family, desprate housewives and bruce jenner is a legend jake Rugby england <3<3 love you!!!

  • sarah1994

    Hi girls! I want to know have you ever been to Europe?

  • paollalovekardashians

    I love you guys so much , and i always see u guys on facebook so i wanna know if it really you guys

  • Izzy

    Hi Kendall and Kylie! So I have watched your room tour videos on and I LOVE THEM! I really want to know where Kendall got her dresser, bed, and huge mirror!! thanks so much for your time! xxxx izzy

  • Amrit

    Hey Kendall and Kylie, are you coming to England anytime soon? And will your jewelery line be available in the UK? Love you guys!

  • MaevaAttrait

    I'd like to ask Kendall and Kylie if they have any recommandations to become a young model.

  • Selena

    I have a few questions: 1. you guys are so skinny. Are you naturaly like that or do you work at it and if you do what advice can you give? 2. Have you ever been to Ontario and if you have where and if you have not would you and if you are when and where? 3. What advice would you give if your young and want to make money but without a job?

  • Kylie Simpson
    Kylie Simpson

    Do you have a fan skype, so you can communicate with your fans?

  • alessandra

    who do your makeup ? if it is you how u do it ?

  • emily

    Kylie First off your my role model, you and your sisters are great role models for young girls who have dreams and really work for them. I was just wondering what your favourite and perfect outfit is? xx

  • alex

    How many piercings do yall both have?and what type are they?

  • alex

    What kind of piercings do yall have?

  • jade

    What type of piercings do u both have?and how many are they?

  • jade

    What type of piercings do you both have?

  • joanna

    What type of piercings do you both have?and how many are they?

  • maddie

    Heya,,,,,how many piercing yall got?

  • Kendra

    Hiiiiiii!!!!!!..I asked this question b4 but how many piercings do you both have?and what kind of piercings are they?..u guys are awesome!!!love u both!!!..please answer my question??..thanks!!..

  • alexis

    Heyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! many piercings do you both have??..

  • kayley

    How many piercings do you guys have?

  • Molly

    What do you guys usually have for breakfast in the morning before school?

  • jaclyn

    how do you doyou hair wen its wavy cuz im trying to get mine to grow long. ur hair is so pretty by the way

  • cam

    where did kylie get her bed from

  • cam

    does KYLIE have the chain earrings on both ears???

  • Namirah Zihniah
    Namirah Zihniah

    when will you guys visit indonesia? :)

  • Namirah Zihniah
    Namirah Zihniah

    what shampoo&conditioner/hair products do you guys use?

  • Christie

    Hey Kylie and Kendall... If u both became actoresses in a disney show....which would it be and why?

  • gabbie95

    when you get your license kendall , what car are you planning on getting ?

  • alexis001

    i don't know if you got this question from me before :p but kylie i would love if you please answer this.. where did you get your ear chain for the cartilage and hangs down to the ear lobe c: i want one ! (:

  • Aileen

    Kendall and kylie, What tip do you have for anyone chasing their dreams? P.S. I love you guys it would be cool if we could email back and forth but not a good possiblilty since your famous and busy

  • ki vera
    ki vera

    how does it feel to be a rising star? this is for kylie and kendall jenner.. love you all girls!

  • Vinessa

    This is for Kylie, I know you are famous but how did you become a model. Could you help me out i would like to become a model i am about as tall as you are or taller ,( 5'9.5"). What kind of model are you? , are you a plus sized, catalogue, print, photogrophic or etc.. type of model. What kind of modelling would you recommend for me. I am African american with: brown eyes brown hair and dark to medium complection measurements: 36 bust, 29 waist and 36 hips Dress size: 8 Inseam: 34 inches I'm guessing that would put me into the plus sized cateogory. Oh and i live in Canada

  • Gab

    What hair products do you use?

  • Gab

    What type of cell phones do you have?

  • Gab

    What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  • Anna

    have you guys been bullied in school because of your fame?

  • Mia

    Have you guy's ever visited The Bahamas? And if not would you like too? :)

  • Charlotte Kardashian
    Charlotte Kardashian

    When are you 2 coming to visit Australia? Love Charlotte xx

  • Ben Newmarch
    Ben Newmarch

    I'm going to put this straight out there! I've been trying for this whole year to get my question answered, but i haven't really succeeded, and i have a month left... In Australia, we have a Formal (PROM) at the end of Grade 12, and my question is.. Will you be my formal partner?

  • Marisa

    Which one of your sister's style do you idolise the most?

  • stephanie

    Where do you like to shop the most? Will you come to illinois please???????

  • Rachael

    Can you do a makeup tutorial on youtube ??? Please I love kendalls fresh face and kylies dramatic eyes - Rachael,Scotland

  • Ann

    Kendall&Kylie, you are both SO gorgeous! Would you mind telling me what makeup you use? Thanks !

  • stacy

    what are both of your favorite colors & whose you bestfriend?

  • Briana

    What do you guys use to get clear skin?

  • Caroline Solomon
    Caroline Solomon

    Hi Kendall and Kylie!! Where is your favorite vacation spot??

  • Lindsey Gillman
    Lindsey Gillman

    Who is your favorite Kardashian sister? I luv u guys!!!!!!!

  • yariness

    Kendall i just followed you on twitter im a huge fan of y'all i follow y'all on tumblr and twitter and khloe on fb! Could you follow me on twitter it would be the best :) Please &thank you i love you doll <3

  • najla khalid
    najla khalid

    hey am a huge fan please follow me in twitter @najla_khalid please follow me in twitter you both are really cute and down to earth i hope you follow me that will make me the happiest person alive <3

  • najla khalid
    najla khalid

    where do u guys bring your bags from ?!

  • Birna

    what is your favorite candy ?

  • Birna

    where can i send you a fan mail ? :D

  • marykate

    how do you both stay so thin?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Ericaaa

    Whats the craziest and funnest thing you have done with your older sisters!?

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    Hi, my name is Andrew, I live in Cordova, Alaska, It is beautiful here. You should come here, and if you are reading this comment back and i will give you my number and I can show you around. Hope to hear back from you.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    Where do you want to go to college?

  • Jenna13

    How did you and Kylie Build such a good relationship with each other?

  • Michaela

    Where do you get all your pretty clothes? How do u make your hair that nice like ALL THE TIME? What eyeliner do you use?

  • Adriana Pinillo
    Adriana Pinillo

    Hi Kendall and Kylie, here is my question for both of you (: - Kendall and Kylie, what sister do you get most along with ...(: I'll really do love it, if you answer it <3 Take caree and keep on doing what you do bestt (:

  • Sara

    what is the worst thing you did to each other such as getting into a fight with each other.

  • jasmine

    I was also wondering whatss your favorite kind of eyeliner brand and makeup brand in general. you guyss are both gorgeous best of luck in everything!<3

  • hellyeahkyliejenner

    Kylie is in her school's track team. (:

  • hellyeahkyliejenner

    (for Kylie) Hey, Kylie! I am a huge fan. I would just like to ask if you visit your fans from Tumblr? Or you know, just check them out. I was hoping if you could check mine out? It's (: It was made for you. <3 Stay pretty, doll! xox.

  • Massie Block
    Massie Block

    you guys seem pretty cool! would you be friends with a fan?? do you have personal facebook accs?

  • nr

    do you guys like escape the fate? are you gonna be on the show more often?

  • monica27

    I have a question for both kendall and kylie. If you guys had a clothing line what would it be called?

  • kev

    hw tall is kylie jenner

  • Maddy Low
    Maddy Low

    for kendall and kylie: where do you guys shop? i absolutly love your style

  • monica

    What is one beauty necessity for each of you?

  • monica

    For kylie: where is that chain earring you wore in you malibu video from? the one that connects from the lope to the helix? thank you!!

  • Dazza

    I want to know how tall Kendall Jenner is? Is she really taller than her brother Brody Jenner?

  • ccccc

    how many piercings do you each have? (:

  • Racheal

    Your so cute with baby Mason what was going through your head when Kourntey went into labour in front of you guys! And is Mason your only niece/nephew... Love from the UK!

  • sarah

    when does season 5 of kuwtk come out?

  • Ivana

    What is your favorite foundation to wear? and some of your favorite make up products?

  • Courtnee

    What is your favorite color? and what color is your bedroom?

  • claire

    where do you got to get your hair cut and dyed, ?

  • Mandy

    Hi Kendall and Kylie! Kendall, Which grade are you in? and What's your shampoo and conditioner? Your hair is so beautiful! Kylie, Would you rather live in California or NewYork? and What's your favorite beauty product? You're so cute !

  • clairee

    which hairdressers do you go to ,

  • claire

    do you get annoyed of each other, because of your personalities

  • Tahsina Zaman
    Tahsina Zaman

    Hey Huge fan of your WHOLE fam love 'em all <3 Especially Kendall and Kim :D aha no one get jealous! XD My question is whats the next step into your careers? Are you going to be doing anymore photoshoots,maybe be producing a brand or probably even have your own show? :D Please reply!!!

  • Josie Lafevor
    Josie Lafevor

    What kind of grades does Kylie make? And do you do any sports Kylie? (: And do you guys have household chores?

  • Alannah Zollman
    Alannah Zollman

    What makeup do both of you guys wear? (:

  • Shania

    Do you guys have facebook for people to add or fan pages?

  • charlinds

    how do you do in school?

  • Anonymous

    Is LA PREP real and will it air in AUSTRALIA?

  • Anonymous

    Why dont you guys get your own show?!

  • Anonymous

    What does KYLIE do to her hair to get the straight wavy effect?

  • clairee

    kendall and kylie - im sure you had ''THE TALK'' and i would just like to say , do you believe in sex after or before marriage,

  • ema

    kendall and kylie , would you mind if some fans were to send you birthday gifts ?:)

  • ema

    has anyone ever used you , cause of your fame ?

  • ema


  • ema

    you know at sierra canyon, do they treat you differently ? cause of yur fame ?

  • ema

    hey girlies , id like to say to kylie, im one of your biggest fans, i literally know everything about you like, boy wise ;) but i wont say it online,

  • ZOE

    hey, kendall and kylie ! i really love you guys and i wouuld just like to know, and could you please answer this honestly but do you guys have facebook ?

  • Genevieve

    Hey Kenall and Kylie! I am a huge fan!!! I have two questions! 1. I am talking to a kendall and kylie on facebook! I know its not you! can you confirm that? 2. Will you come to New Zealand!!!???xxx LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

  • Robert Ramone
    Robert Ramone

    to the two sisters: HI !!! how are you??? :) 1-Are you interested in some guy? 2-which mexican food do you liked best? you´re very cute!!!! see ya Pinheads&Ramones4ever

  • Robert Ramone
    Robert Ramone

    to the two sisters: HI !!! how are you??? :) 1-Are you interested in some guy? 2-which mexican food do you liked best? you´re very cute!!!! see ya PinheadsRamones4ever

  • Robert Ramone
    Robert Ramone

    to the two sisters: HI !!! how are you??? :) 1-Are you interested in some guy? 2-which mexican food do you liked best? you´re very cute!!!! see ya Ramones4ever

  • arrpinkie

    what are your guy's favorite tv shows besides your own or you families?

  • real

    i think you girls are very cute do u ever feel too much pressure and if so please step back your still young enjoy it

  • Neden Yacine
    Neden Yacine

    If you could be any kind of flower which one would it be and why? :D

  • bybyweb

    kendall and kylie do yah have boyfreinds

  • Dana

    hey kendall, i absolutely love your sense of style and my question is what is your favorite store to shop at

  • Carina

    First of all, I love you girls! Here's my question: Do people at school treat you differently because you're related to the Kardashians?

  • Jane


  • Gao Vue
    Gao Vue

    Omggg i been wanting to ask this Question , Kendall and Kylie how does it feel to Be Models ? Because i'm trying out for modeling but of course haven't even started yet. I'm still undecided . Gao . Minnesota , 13

  • Amy Ritzia
    Amy Ritzia

    kendall, where is that sweater from that i see many pics in. it's purple with like a heart on the back?

  • Amy Ritzia
    Amy Ritzia

    do you think you could show us yer closets?

  • Amy Ritzia
    Amy Ritzia


  • Amy Ritzia
    Amy Ritzia

    which sister would you most want to be?

  • Maggie Halickman
    Maggie Halickman

    Kendall: how did you feel when your sisters were explaining periods in the episode Kris the Cheerleader?

  • Madison

    whats you dream job kendell, to work for whom???

  • zoe

    would you ever consider doing a blog? :) you guys must do a blog?

  • zoe

    would you ever consider doing a blog like your other sisters? you must :D

  • olivia sandoval
    olivia sandoval

    to both kendall and kylie: is your hair naturally straight?

  • olivia sandoval
    olivia sandoval

    do you workout?

  • olivia sandoval
    olivia sandoval

    what is each of your makeup routines?

  • joicelyn

    hey, just curious, what phone does kendall and kylie use?

  • Ruth De Leon
    Ruth De Leon

    Do both of you have boyfriends already? :)

  • Harriet

    What inspires you guys the most?

  • olivia taylor
    olivia taylor

    do u like the twilight series.... and if so who is ur favorite actor out of them??????/

  • olivia taylor
    olivia taylor

    when will be the next basktball game you guys go to for, the nets, or when will your whole faimly go???

  • olivia taylor
    olivia taylor

    what do u guys do on your spare time???? And how tall are you guys?????

  • olivia taylor
    olivia taylor

    do you guys share clothes with each other?????

  • olivia taylor
    olivia taylor

    do you guys have fb... if u do what is it?

  • Kaula Williams or Kay Caution
    Kaula Williams or Kay Caution

    Kendall&Kylie :) If you could go anywhere in the world to visit fans where would you go? -Kaula Williams or Kay Caution :)

  • Valentina Villanueva
    Valentina Villanueva

    what is your most embarrassing moment?

  • Valentina Villanueva
    Valentina Villanueva

    creepy question

  • Amandaa

    Are you guys having a reality show in the making soon?

  • Sars

    I just wanna ask how Kylie does her makeup and how they manage to stay in shape?

  • Joyce

    Which sister do you relate to the most?

  • Jessica

    I love how you dress! Are you gonna start your own clothingline ? :) Ps, i love you guys!

  • annie Lynch
    annie Lynch

    Kendall~ What are your top 5 favorite stores, and what inspired you to start to model?

  • Annie Lynch
    Annie Lynch

    KENDALL! What made you start to model? ALSO I love your fashion style, what are the top 5 stores you get your clothes from?

  • sol.

    My question is for Kendall is it true she is having her own show coming soon?

  • celebuzzmon

    Kendall: Have you thought about what you want to do for your super sweet 16th?

  • Ignacio Vergara
    Ignacio Vergara

    you are the type of girls who are jealous?

  • Katinka M
    Katinka M

    Hi! I wonder, how is it for you too to have so crazy sisters! Is it fun or is it ennoying? Btw you guys are soooo cool! :D

  • Ayeashaa :) TrueKFan!!
    Ayeashaa :) TrueKFan!!

    who are your fav. singers / actors?? and whyy

  • Ernest Sickenberger
    Ernest Sickenberger

    Ms. Kendell & Kylee Jenner, How would you each suggest would be the most advantageous way of meeting s. Kim Noel Kardashian?

  • Bailie

    Do you feel like you guys are famous? Do people ever like mob you or ask for your autographs or ask to take pictures with you?

  • Kendall

    Hi! My favorite vacation would have to be Mexico because my entire family alwyas comes along with us and they have the best food!

  • Dev

    Hey girls! I was just wondering how you keep a balance between your "filming" life and your "normal" everyday school life? Thx! Xxx

  • Olivia

    Okay so I have a few questions for my favorite girls Kendall and Kylie! 1. Do you ever imagine your life would be like if you werent famous? 2. How did you guys get your hair so long, and it to be so shiny and healthy? 3. What are some of your favorite makeup products? THANKS! PLEASE SUBMIT ONE OF MY QUESTIONS!<3

  • nonon

    1. Where do you shop most? 2. whats your favorite ipad app? 3. whats your favorite place for holiday? 4. kendall: how did you get so tall? 5. what do you eat most? 6. whats your favorite thing to do? 7. do you have any show that you like/love? 8. what are your plans for future? 9. are you gonna get car for 16th bday?

  • poohbear

    Kylie how do you feel about being the celebrity sister of the Kardashians?

  • naomi

    are you popular in school? have you every been bullied or like teased as the ugly one

  • michele

    what college do you aspire to go to/

  • Fiona

    Hey sisters. you girls are so pretty. may i ask your beauty secrets or beauty tips?

  • Jo

    ah i dont think it would be there mother, brother or father anyway ew

  • Jordan

    PLEASE ASK KENDALL THIS.. would she ever star in a film? and what are her favorite books? thanks guys :)

  • eva

    If your frend wanted to start a modeling carrer would you help them? (ask mom, recomend agencys)

  • TeddyTrif

    Do you love Justin Bieber xD ... BWT i adore him and i adore you guys Jenner+Kardashians=love ;)

  • ellie

    are u guys popular at your school??

  • jess

    I wanna start off by saying that I love you guys so much! You are stunning and so relatable to other teenagers everywhere. Anyways, I wanted to know how you guys feel about being so young and having your life in the public eye? Also, what is your favourite restaurant in LA?

  • Janine

    Kendall and Kylie, We see you guys with your Kardashian siblings a lot and you all seem very close, so I was wondering, are you two just as close with your Jenner siblings?

  • Caleigh Mason
    Caleigh Mason

    What are some tips to looking as beautiful as you two girls!

  • Carina

    What are some of your hobbies? :)

  • Carina

    Kendall and Kylie: What are your favorite TV shows?

  • K3113

    How can you guys be that thin?

  • Yii-Huei

    When you travel with your sisters&Family, do you usually go on first class? Have you been on a private jet? And what places have you traveled or want to go?

  • christina

    Hey can you Please ask kendall and Kylie what shampoo they use hahaha :)

  • kardashianfanasssforever!

    Why are you guys the hottest girls ever :]?

  • Nug

    What do you want to do when you leave school?

  • Akil Snapper
    Akil Snapper

    i 've got one more question for both of you :what is your height ?? : )

  • Akil Snapper
    Akil Snapper

    hey ,babe's i'm a huge fan of you two : ) .my question is : for kylie :how old are you ? for kendall :what the thing that you like about your sister ,kylie ? : ) p/s :i admire both of you <3

  • lisa

    what grade are you both in at school?

  • Eugenie Buda
    Eugenie Buda

    will kendall and kylie be coming to sydney anytime soon? ad what are your favorite designers? <3

  • Amanda

    What does kendall do to make herself so tall ?

  • Kdashluvr4eva

    1. What skincare products do you use to achieve such flawless skin? 2. Do you get an allowance or do your parents just give you money when you ask?

  • preciosa509

    Hi Kendall and Kylie My question for both is How are you guys?

  • sabrina ortiz
    sabrina ortiz

    This is a question for kendall would you like to become a victoria secret model ?

  • Danijela

    Where do you like to shop Kendall?? Kylie which sister would you like to be the most?? They are all Beautiful but which one would you like to be

  • Remi Machado
    Remi Machado

    Do you love the fame you have? To me it seems so fun because you get to experience things normal kids dont, but still have some normal in your life like high school and regular things. You kind of have the best of both worlds. :) love all the kardashianss

  • Sofia Cabrera
    Sofia Cabrera

    hey kylie, how do you do your make up. it looks so nice. it will be nice if you tell us what cosmetics do you use and how do you do it. thanks >.< -Sofia

  • Danijela

    Would both of you Have your own show when you grow ? Together??

  • litodonna

    Do you guys get treated differently in school because of your family and sister's popularity?

  • litodonna

    Do you tend to go to your brother or sisters for advice on guys?

  • tanya

    are you coming to London for the Olympic games?

  • celebuzzmon

    Kendall&Kylie: Will you ever come to Australia!?

  • celebuzzmon

    Kendall: What is your must have piece of clothing for winter?


    Logine whats your favourite stores to shop at ?

  • Hannah Ellie
    Hannah Ellie

    Who inspires you two the most in fashion? What are you favorite stores to shop at?

  • lisa

    HIYA, to kendall, if you were not a model what would you want to have been..please reply I'm from ireland and am your biggest fan :) <3 xx :)

  • Elisa

    when are you dolls coming to brazil??? ahahaha

  • shannon

    out of these five sport which would you do? -gymnastics -cheerleading -figure skating -diving -swimming

  • shannon

    heyy this is for both kendall and kylie. if you could be with one celeb which guy would it be? and why?

  • rahma

    what is it like being sisters with the kardashians

  • aisha marrow
    aisha marrow

    kendall are dating anyone now

  • cathytaffy

    Hey Kendal and Kylie, How are you? Well my question is, Are you girls going to have your OWN reality TV show?

  • justinajemc

    :) Hi, my question is whats your biggest inspiration? And What motivates you? -Justinaa

  • Jilliann

    I want to know if you still hang out with your friends you went to school with?? or grew up with?? & if your a typical kid or is it ALL work work work all the time now??

  • sharon

    this is a question for both kendall and kylie. whats your favourite store to shop in ?

  • Diana

    how do you balance the hectic life between press, media, school, chores, etc? how do people at school react to you? do they treat you any different because of your sisters or your status?

  • Rachel

    What if any is the biggest down fall to having such famous sister??

  • morpheus61

    Hello, how are you? My question(s): What are your favorite foods and places to eat? Have you thought about a career as an actress? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Thanks and wish you all much success! _ Steph

  • Kelsey

    kendall and kylie, I've seen kendall doing modeling so kylie what do you want your future career to be and why? Kelsey 17, Kansas

  • drew

    have you girls ever got in a fight? And where do you buy your skinny jeans?

  • Kendall Patterson
    Kendall Patterson

    Hello Kendall & Kylie, My name is Kendall and I would first like to say you too girls are adorable and are following in the footsteps of your successful sisters. My question for you too girls is what is it like to walk down the street and be noticed? You both used to be known as the Kardashian's younger sisters, but now your center stage. What is your reaction to this fame you gained so quickly. -Kendall Patterson XOXO

  • Samar

    iyea, i wanted to ask what is your favourite beauty product and why? -sammieb.

  • Montana Macarounas
    Montana Macarounas

    what do you love about being sisters and why?

  • elisa

    what brand hair straightener do you girls use?

  • Roland

    Are you guys thinking about having your own show in the near future?

  • your mom
    your mom

    as great?

  • Tiffany Martino
    Tiffany Martino

    Do You Have A Favorite Band ?

  • Karina Rivas
    Karina Rivas

    which sister do you like to hang with the most? or do like to hang with your brother?

  • Bree

    Gosh Kendall looks just like Kim! I have a question for Kylie. How do you like all the media attention and the press that surround your family?

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis

    Kendall- "You have been affiliated with Justin Bieber somewhat, would you ever consider or like to date him?" Kylie- "Your sister Kendall's modeling career has really took off, are you feeling a little left behind?"

  • mariam.KK

    hi kendal :)' this one goes out for you :) how did yuh become so fond of modelling, how did yuh get influenced basically??'

  • Jovana

    quiestin 4 kendall & kylie... "you two are not seen on the show very often & kim kourtney khloe & mom(kris) are always on seems like they travel a lot...where do you guys stay? when they're seen in vegas partying and all that stuff they do?"

  • Karina Rivas
    Karina Rivas

    Hi have you two ever called your sisters old to mess with them?

  • roxanna

    what are the 5 things you cannot live without?

  • Kathleen Allmere
    Kathleen Allmere

    hmm .. what should i ask :) Are you guys daiting ? if not , then why ? Do you know where Estonia is ? :)


    how does it feel to now you will always be rich and pretty?? your so lucky dont take anything for granted cause you could be lke that hobo that was outside the Dash store and Khloe helped him get teeth

  • Ally

    What is it like living in the Kardashian house ? I would love to have a family like your ! You to are Beautiful ♥ Ally xx

  • Sunshine.

    If you could be one of the (other) celebrities for one day, which one would you be and why? Would you ever swtich bodies for one day with your sisters? :)

  • Ally

    What is it like living in the Kardashian house ? I would love to have a family like your ! You to are Beautiful ♥ Ally xx

  • keepingupwithsydney

    If you two could go on vacation, which sister would you bring and why? where would you go?

  • bella

    where do you shop?!

  • Clare

    which of your older sisters (Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe) do you feel you are most like? which on do you feel you are most different from?

  • bella

    how do you keep so thin?!

  • Hayley

    what diet and exercises do you do to stay i shape ? x

  • Veronica

    What's the coolest thing a fan has done for one of your sisters that you wish they did for you?

  • Clare

    do you guys get treated differently in your school because of your fame?

  • bbygirl27

    question 4 Kendall how can i be something like you? for me i've always wanted to be a model, but i never have as much confidence like you do. so what can i do?

  • Sabrina

    Do any of you sing? One of you should get into it! I will be your biggestt fans! xox -Sabrina, Massachusetts

  • Bex

    do you wish there is anything you could change in your lives, im not talking about your sisters, im talking about in your lives? <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anna Quimpo Devilla Maguire
    Anna Quimpo Devilla Maguire

    Hi! this is for Kylie. What is your one important dream that you want to come true? Do you play and instrument, and if so are you good? (last question) Is there any way i can meet you or at least skype you? sorry, you are just one of my inspirations :)

  • Sezzy

    to both the is it like coping with your friend who may not be as rich or successful as you do you show them the same love as you would do to some of you more well of friends how do they respond to you and your famous sisters Sezzy from the UK xx

  • kendallj411

    This is for Kendall.. Kendall will you plz follow your kendallites on twitter there our fan pages to u from us! including me my twitter account is @KendallJ411! will u DM me, tweet me or even follow me?! xoxo doll :)

  • Megan

    Kendall, My six year old son wants to know if you will wait for him to be an adult to get married...I swear if you are on TV and we are talking he freaks out. xoxo, Megan (potential mother in law) and Derese

  • #1KardashianFan:)

    How do your sister's inspire you guys ? What do u guys want to be when you guys grow up ? Whats your fav. place to shop ? Whats it like being famous? I wish all these questions will be answered !! :) i love u guys all !! biggest fan ever ..

  • Lee Campion
    Lee Campion

    If you could design one piece of clothing e.g. Shoes, dresses for a whole year what would it be and for what designer?x love you kendall and kylie.x

  • Paula Robles
    Paula Robles

    Now that ur famous,is it hard to do go to a public school?

  • aisha

    what are you guy's best places to shop at? and why ? :)

  • SerbianKardashianFan

    to both of you: 1.Have you ever thought about doing a movie? 2.Have you ever thought about recording a song? Thanks :D

  • Sarah

    Kendall what is it like being famous?

  • ayeshaa

    are you guys going to be on khole and lamar's show ??? i hope sooo :)

  • Kourtney Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian

    hi Kendall and Kylie , my question is , what is it like being famous and would you like 2 meet me someday ... love u bubs lots and lots !!!!

  • sam

    What is it like in school with everyone knowing how famous you are?

  • Chuya

    Hey girls i would like to know what has been the most unforgettable thing that you have done to each other in the past and looking back on it now you guys laugh about it Chuya ;)

  • ayeshaa

    what do u guys each want to be when you guys grow up?

  • keyonte rawlings
    keyonte rawlings

    this may seem kinda corny but on the show you never see kendall and kylie have relationships are they dating anyone?

  • sherese

    what is both of ur childhood moments?

  • sherese

    describe both of ur styles

  • alessa

    Hey kendall and Kylie, What's one thing you can't live without?? xoxo

  • sherese

    hey kendall and kylie where r ur fav clothing stores u like to shop? and what r ur fav clothes to wear

  • fernando ramirez
    fernando ramirez

    hey kendall and kylie i wanted to know two things 1st do you want to get into the family business like your sisters? 2nd which one of your sisters or brother do you guys fight with the most?

  • Tygie Kawan Stone
    Tygie Kawan Stone

    How do they think being the sisters of you three will effect their lifes, when it's time to take the world on by themselfs. Will it be good for them, or make things tuffer?

  • megan

    What do your friends in school think about you guys being on keeping up with the kardashians?

  • Jasmine

    Kylie: Do you have a boyfriend? Kendall: Do you like/love your fans?

  • Maggie Halickman
    Maggie Halickman

    After the Kardashian empire has fazed out (hopefully not, but in the case,) what are your plans? Before you were famous, how did you envision yourself? Do you ever wish you weren't famous? What charities do you support? Are you doing anything for Japan?

  • sekat

    if you could live anywhere in the world ....where would you go and why?

  • Amanda

    When you guys are at school, do you get treated like a "normal" person?

  • Gail Capati
    Gail Capati

    What do you love most about each other? (:

  • Abby McLan
    Abby McLan

    do you ever feel like people just like you because your famous and have all this money and fun stuff?

  • A

    What foundation(s) do you guys use?

  • Amanda

    What is your dream vacation spot that you have not been to? (:

  • kendall

    Hey celebuzz, so here's my question 4 Kendall & Kylie: "What projects with moldeling and acting are each of you working on and what do you hope to do in the future? -KennyKay888

  • Niamh

    Hey girls! I love you both so much, you are both so pretty :) My question is: Are either of you planning to come to London anytime soon?!

  • Luis Gustavo Kardashian
    Luis Gustavo Kardashian

    if i were in the usa and near you guys wich one of you would date me?

  • sam

    hey kendall & kylie. i love you's so much. how does it feel to be the sisters of the kardashians. please follow me on twitter shorty_sam Sam,13 - Manchester xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tasha

    What is your dream career? xoxo :)

  • Tasha

    Do you plan on going to college in the future?

  • Lindle Chevolsky
    Lindle Chevolsky

    Hey Kendall & Kylie, I love your fashion sense, where do you usually go shopping for clothes? Kendall, were the shoes you wore to the Teen Vogue party Christian Louboutin Fred flats? How tall are you Kendall? Kylie, how tall are you? You and Kendall have got such amazing figures and heights for a 13 and 15 year old, you guys are really beautiful!

  • Kelsey

    Hello, Kendall and Kylie, just to say firstly I am honestly huge fans of you. My first question is: This is for both of you, so what is your plans for the future?, like will you go to College ? etc. Second question : This one is for Kendall, Who is your favourite singer and why ? Third question: This is for both of you , who you guys consider having a tv show about yourselves, your friends and family? Fourth question: This is for both of you; how do you manage to balance school and fame at the same time ? Fifth question: This is for both of you , is it good being famous , what is the negative and postive things about it ? Sixth question: My final question is for Kylie, is there something unique about you that people don't know , e.g like being able to bend your legs to your head.. I love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Emma Tolmie
    Emma Tolmie

    Dear Kendall and Kylie, I'm going to Miami in a few weeks. I've never been and since I'm still not 21 I was wondering what are your favorite things to do while in the city? Of course I'll be checking out The Dash store! Much Love Emma Tolmie :)

  • safira

    are kendall or kylie belieber?

  • safira

    are kendall or kylie is beliebers?

  • Jessv12310

    What advice do you have for staying thin and any tips on how to handle your body image?

  • Gemma

    Kendall & Kylie, come to Australia?!? :D Gem x

  • charlinds

    ok so i have 2 questions... 1. How do you guys do in school? (like grades) 2. What is your best/favorite subject?

  • msjoviiiibabbiiiiii95

    hi this is for Kendal .. have you start dating as yet. oh and by the way we are the same age.....

  • samantha

    have you period?

  • sara96

    do you guys think you could ever be friends with a fan?

  • kay

    what shampoo do u both use to make ur hair look so thick and how do you keep your face look so smooth with no acne, pimples etc? (:

  • roxy

    hey kendall and kylie!!! do u ever get annoyed with the media and what episode is your favourite of keeping up with the kardashains??????? Love u girls

  • roxy

    Hey kendall and kylie!!!!!!!! Do you ever get anoyed with all the media. what is your favourite episode of keeping up with the kardashians????

  • Josh

    Does Kylie ever feel intimidated by Kendall's recent modelling success?

  • Bea Sia
    Bea Sia


  • Emily JB
    Emily JB

    My question for Kendall & Kylie is.... What fashion advice can you give me for spring and summer of 2011?

  • DashFan

    what are your favorite stores? do you have any good fashion tips that you stick by lately?

  • Valentina Villanueva
    Valentina Villanueva

    Describe yourself?

  • Olivia sandoval
    Olivia sandoval

    what is each of your girls makeup routine?

  • Stephanie

    would you like i give you a hamster ? My hamster have 10 and have to guve someone maybe you dont undertand because i dont speak english good so i just wanna give you a hamster if you want :) IT's beautiful all of them !

  • Matilda

    What is your favorite makeup foundations?

  • Nicola Davis
    Nicola Davis

    Hey guys, i was wondering, yeah you both like lived with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe growing up and all, but what was/is your relationship with your Dads' side of the family? E.g. Brody, Burt etc...

  • Vanessa

    Do your friends think it's weird that you guys are famous? Do they accept your fame? Do they treat you weird?

  • Megan

    Do either one of you ever think about what Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney do as a career & if you think you might ever follow in their foot steps? Any inspiration from them?

  • melissa harris
    melissa harris

    what is it like to be on tv have sisters who are really famous and just living your life as reality stars and models

  • Stephanie Hennig
    Stephanie Hennig

    do you like then like 10000000.. person see yours life?

  • christiana

    As abvious fashions icons, what are some of your favorite stores, and brands, ext...

  • Stephanie Hennig
    Stephanie Hennig

    what you think when you know then you are going to be on a reality?

  • Iman

    How do you both balance school and fame? Also, how does having famous sisters affect how you make friends?

  • hottieville

    Hi Girls! What are your Dreams? I know your still young…..Do you wanna to be buisness woman like your sisters? own stores? of course you beautiful girls are modeling, but is there anything else you gals dream of doing? Much Love & Happy days to all of you AMAZING Dolls! xoxo!

  • Iman

    How do you guys handle a bad hair day?

  • Tina

    question for both kendall and kylie: Favorite store to shop at???

  • Manuela (Feliponsia) Galvis
    Manuela (Feliponsia) Galvis

    can you bealive where are now? I mean be beatifull, with hot sister and be in all the red capters, did you imagine that one day you going to be like this ?

  • Rachel Robinson
    Rachel Robinson

    Have your people in your school treated you differently because of your fame?

  • Jessica

    How often do you go to school? Because I imagine you don't always, since you film and stuff!

  • Mina

    Do you guys go to public school? Btw... I <3 u guys so much!!

  • Tamy

    Do you think about having your own reality show?

  • kdashfan97

    Kylie I always love your eyeliner and lashes did your sisters show you how to use makeup

  • kdashfan97

    Kenndal I am an aspiring model what advice would you give to someone who wants to be a model?

  • Nilo Azumy
    Nilo Azumy

    For Kendal: How do you do to be kept in form? The truth is that you have a brilliant body and it wanted to know as faeces to support it this way. (: Thank you, I wait for your response...

  • Elina

    Is it's a problem or fun to be so tall? (Kendall)

  • Chelsea

    does your family protect you more because of the fame around your family?

  • Chelsea

    do you ever feel hidden in the spotlight behind your sisters or jealous of your sisters?

  • A fan
    A fan

    Have you ever considered going to Norway?

  • Sheena

    Kendall and Kylie, where or how do you get your eyebrows done? They're gorgeous just like you two are!

  • rachel

    Are you close with Brody?

  • jorge

    because someone as beautiful as your sister kendall not dating anybody?

  • laura

    what hair and make up products you use and what do you do to get wavy curls in yer hair

  • Sharon Stambouli
    Sharon Stambouli

    how do you do to be so young and so pretty? I ADMIRE U 2 SO MUCH

  • Annie

    Hi guys! I have two questions :) 1, Do you sometimes wish you would've grown up as "normal kids" without all the fame? 2. How tall are you?

  • KaitlinM

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! I was just wondering: Do you guys get any hand-me-downs from Kim, Khloe or Kourtney?

  • KaitlinM

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! What's it like being sisters with the fabulous Kardashian sistahs? Are you girls all really close?

  • KaitlinM

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! I was wondering: Do you girls think it's okay to tell on each other when the other sister is doing something wrong?

  • Chloe

    How often do you steal clothes from your sisters, and who do you steal from the most :D

  • Sean

    Who is the meanest sister?

  • Lia Campbell
    Lia Campbell

    What do you like and don't like about having cameras filming your personal lives?

  • Megz

    for kendall and kyleiee..... would u ever consider doing your own tv show!??? i think that would be rlly kewl!!....also plzz follow me on twitter...mebyellow thnxxxx

  • emiily

    what is it like to have famous sisters?

  • Kiren

    are you guys going to follow in your sisters footsteps and create a show of your own like keeping up with kendall and kylie, if so what would it be about ? LOVE YOU GUYS X

  • Misy

    Who would you say had to be your favorite kardashain sisters

  • Tess

    I want to can I start?

  • Elin

    I`m just wondering.. Why does everyone in your family call each other "dolls" ? :D

  • KylieJennerfr

    did you like Chris Brown ?

  • taylor

    who's closet is bigger out of the two of yous (:

  • taylor

    whats one weird thing only your family knows about you? (:

  • Andrea Horn
    Andrea Horn

    To Kendal, What does it take to get into the modeling business? For both Kendal and Kylie, What's it like having a celebrity family?

  • Aoife

    hey kendall and kylie i love you sooo much!! :) you are my idols.i would so love to be you!! my question is which kardashian sister has the nicest stuff like shoes and clothes and jewelery and stuff?? :) love you all xoooox <3

  • odalys

    who are each of your celebrity crush ?

  • Terry

    if kendall likes the portrait i drew of her? by @terry1891

  • siiiigha

    do you watch pretty little liars, if you do who is your favorite character?

  • olga torres
    olga torres

    hi girlssssssssss i would like to know what do you wanna be when you get older? do you know where colombia is? kylie do you want to get into the modeling like kendall? how do you manage school with people talking about your sisters as we saw in a kuwtk episode yeeears ago?

  • Paula

    kendall what do you usually do for your hair and makeup ? LOVE YOU <3

  • Hannahw

    I am the same age as Kylie and I would like to know what kylie and kendall both want to achieve when they are older? what advice they would give to girls who are around the same age as them who are maybe not very confident? I think you and your sisters are beautiful! please tell them I absolutely love them!!! X

  • sherese

    do u guys feel any pressure to be like ur older sisters?

  • sherese

    how long have u been cheering kendall, & kylie do u play any sports?

  • sherese

    do u girls have any flaws u dont like about ur self but have learned to love it & live with it? :)

  • Allison Cucuiat
    Allison Cucuiat

    I know that Kendall cheers, but does Kylie play any sports?

  • Louise

    will use one day get your own show please that would be super fun right? :)

  • sherese

    hey kendall and kylie what do u girls love most about modeling!

  • Patricia

    Hi I would like to know what is the most outrageous story you have read about yourself? XoXo

  • sherese

    what is ur skin care routine's!

  • nicole

    will either of you be releasing a sex tape in the near future?

  • raabiah

    Whats the most awkward thing u guys have done??

  • sherese

    kendall & kylie what r ur favorite songs right now!?

  • Sarah

    Where can i watch Khloe and lamar? du u have any clue? cant watch it on E! and it dosen't air here.

  • sbk

    how has "keeping up with the Kardashians" changed your lives?

  • siiiigha

    who are you most similar to of kim, khloé and kourtney

  • jordy23

    Are you guys close with Kourtney?! ;) Love you guys!

  • Terrell Price
    Terrell Price

    What type of guys are you interested in?

  • Louise

    out of all your sisters who do use see the most?

  • Elin

    Do you ever wish you weren`t born into a famous family? Where do you wanna live when you get older? Are you twilight-fans? c:

  • Caroline

    How do you guys balance school/social lives with modeling, appearances, etc.?

  • siiiigha

    what are your's favorite shows

  • Louise

    how do use manage to stay so skinny? what is your typical diet guys?x

  • Liane Curtis
    Liane Curtis

    WHat's the weirdest food you've ever eaten and where?

  • sumiyyah


  • siiiigha

    what are your favorite colors :P ?

  • Sonji

    Are you young ladies doing anything different besides Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

  • Louise

    hey guys, i would just like to know what kinda of skin care solution do you use, i want to know how you manage to keep your skin so clear. thanks guys! love use!x

  • Ariana Schlissel
    Ariana Schlissel

    Kendall and Kylie other than your sisters, who are your role models? RT me @ari246810

  • Jon

    Are you rich ?

  • dirtyalexandra

    How do you tell your real friends from the ones who just want a little slice of fame?

  • Faris

    do you guys Support gay marriage ?

  • sumiyyah

    why u two soooo gorgeous? i always wonderd:) lol:)

  • candace

    Do either of you have a boyfriend?

  • Drew

    What is your guilty pleasure that you can't resist? (Whether be a type of candy/food, TV Show you love, anything ect)

  • candace

    Who are your celebrity crushes?

  • daniel z
    daniel z

    who's the best kardashian sister for you?

  • Sam

    I would love to know when you and your amazing family launch the new series of Keeping up with the Kardashains in the UK :) I love it. Your all amazing :) x

  • Ayse Hamit
    Ayse Hamit

    ok so my question will have to be, is there anything you would change about your life, and if so what?xo

  • yalda

    do people ask for your autographs in school???

  • sumiyyah

    who is ur fav singer? besides kim ovbiously she's the best:)

  • @BronaghPaige

    will you both follow me on twitter please:) @BronaghPaige :D xxxxx

  • Nadine

    what would you like to achieve when your both older? :)

  • neda

    what is the best tweet you can get from a fan? (i love you, i hate people who hates you??)

  • Jordyn

    is there going to be a keeping up with kendall and kylie show?!

  • Haley Lauren
    Haley Lauren

    Do you think you guys will ever open up a store together like your older sisters did with DASH?

  • gina

    do yah have a boyfreind KYLIE AND KENDALL

  • karen madison
    karen madison

    when you did your first how did you put your nervous nerves aside, how can you gain confidence in front of the camera, when its time for pictures?

  • Hannes

    this is for both of you guys, i just have to ask how you are dealing with school, i dont know if you're still going in a public school, but if you are it would be interesting to know how you're dealing with it!

  • Lauren

    Hey! I'm a huge fan of KUWTK and the spinoff shows. I would like to ask what are your favourite subjects at school? Do you like science subjects? I'm studying Biology & Chemistry at University.

  • @AlexandreDurand

    Hello! Well, my name is Alexandre, i'm a 14 year old french boy :) I don't wanna look stalker or creep or anything else.. The first time i saw Kendall and Kylie, I was at my bestfriend's house. I didn't know who was the Kardashian familly. But, i just saw you girls, and you were amazing! You're so funny and cute! I'd love to meet you! I wish you weren't famous so i could have the chance to know you! Maybe that's crazy, but i'm asking you if you wanna be like my pen pal ! I'm @AlexandreDurand on Twitter! Lot of love from France! Hope to see you soon! Alexandre.

  • Harriet

    If you were to be taken to a deserted island.. what would be your MUST have..? x

  • Jennifer

    Hi I am such a big fan!!! and I have some questions... What is it like having your lives filmed? Is it hard to manage being in the public eye and going to school? Do you find it hard to find people who like you for yourself and not just because your on a T.V show? thanks so much xx

  • Emilia

    how do you guys keep your skin so fresh and clear looking?

  • Emilia

    would you become friends with a fan?

  • Emilia

    What's a fashion must have in your life?

  • Emilia

    What's the best fashion advice you've both gotten so far from your sisters?

  • Just wondering
    Just wondering

    Do you guys ever feel embaressed at school if somebody sees an episode of you guys doing something weird? LIke in the early episodes theres one of Kylie trying to whip Brody in 'Brody in the house'. Have you ever been made fun of?

  • sacha

    which designer do you like?


    How long is Kendall & Kylie? What shoe size are they?

  • tianalr

    Hey Kylie, I don't really get to watch Keeping Up, but I do get to follow your sister Khloe's blog and I've noticed that you take a lot of really great pictures during most family functions. Do you want to be a photographer when you're done with school?

  • Amanda W
    Amanda W

    I would REALLY like to know... do you girls attend school full time? If so, do you feel like you are treated any differently at school because of your family and celebrity status?

  • Sarah

    Are u guys in a normal school or like a private school? AND.. i really wanna see Khloe &Lamar, do u now were i can watch it online or some else beacuse, im not avaible to see it on E!, because I'm living in sweden. Do u got any clue?

  • Céline

    Hey Isn't really hard to be famous and having a normal teenage's life? No problem with school and the fact that your famous, like jalousy? (sorry for my english) kiss from France

  • amelia bowker
    amelia bowker

    hey kendall and kylie im amelia and im 15 from the united kingdom, and as i am kendall's age i just wanted to ask kendall what is the key to getting her fashion right? And what is a fashian NO NO !!! THANKS XXXXX

  • cookiiemonsta28

    THREE QUESTIONS: 1. whats the hardest thing about having your sisters and family being so famous. 2. do any of you have a crush on justin bieber or if not who are you celeb crushes 3. Do you think you could be allowed to make an ichat account for you fans so you could talk to them more?

  • kendallarmy

    If you both had a show what would it be called? :)

  • mona m.
    mona m.

    if you could choose one job or hobby to master, what would it be? and love y'all! :)

  • Sandra

    How you do get the georgeous good looking skin?? what makeup do you use?? Any tips and advise you would like to share with us....

  • kardashkrazy626

    What is your favorite experience with your family? -Rotem

  • catherine

    hey kendall and kylie jenner i love both of you so much and my question is if a fan came up to you and said i love you would you say i love you too or thank you?

  • Jess

    Who is your idol? xxxx

  • shlumpadinka

    who's the best sister??

  • cecy valadez
    cecy valadez

    since you girls have great fashion style where would you guys buy a prom dress at?

  • jessmicallef

    Hey, How do you manage to juggle the work you do with your families and school? Jess x

  • Michele

    Hey girls, can you guys share your hair routine? What are some of your favorite hair products that you swear by for your gorgeous mane?

  • Chelsea

    Do you guys have a favorite show or a favorite singer?

  • Michelle

    How do you deal with friendship problems and jealousy?

  • Brooke

    This is for Kylie and Kendall: At school do the kids treat you differently since you are famous? Do the kids always ask questions about your family?

  • Brittany Paige
    Brittany Paige

    can i be a kardashain/jenner with you guys? your sisters look like you have so much fun together. i'm jealous.

  • victoria

    i want to know what is your most happy memory when you were a kid love,victoria

  • Tam

    hii im a really big fan of you kylie i'm wondering how old are you right now in 2011?

  • Kelsey Neillings
    Kelsey Neillings

    how do you guys keep your hair so healthy and long? any shampoos or conditioners you use in particular? how many times in a year do you go for trims? it's gorgeous! thanks.

  • Amir R.
    Amir R.

    I am wondering what high school you guys go to since you live in Calabasas/Woodland Hills area. Is it Elco or calabasas high school. Only asking this cause I go to Elco :D.

  • Monica

    do you wish you weren't filmed growing up? do you think it will have a negative effect on you when your older?

  • Monica

    who do each of you go to first if you have a problem?

  • Monica

    which sister are each of you most like?

  • judith

    kendall if justin bieber was single would youu go out with him?

  • KhloMarLovers

    What is the craziest thing a person has done to you or your family??

  • KhloMarLovers

    Is it ever hard having you and your sisters in the spotlight?

  • francesca

    hey kendall this is for you..... who is your favorite sister out of these 3 kim, khloe, or kourtney??? hey kylee this is for you ...... do you and khloe have a close relationship or do you and khloe fight alot???

  • tonie

    Kendal and Kylie how long did it take to get both of your hairs that long? its lush! :)

  • marystufano

    if you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

  • Josh C
    Josh C

    Kendall, Kylie, u got IChat, write back if u do. VID CHAT

  • Sakina

    Hi Kendall and Kylie:) I would like to know, where do you guys shop and what are your favorite stores?

  • Maya


  • Maya

    Use three words to describe each other? ROFL

  • Maya

    Kylie the public a WANTS to see more of you when will you get more into showbizz? -- will u act?-- WHEN?! ---WE NEED MORE KYLIE JENNNER

  • Luli

    What is your favorite food?





  • ELLE


  • ELLE


  • ELLE


  • ELLE


  • Laura Tubito
    Laura Tubito

    Do you feel like people from school ever try to be your friends because of your famous family?

  • Nicole

    Ok for Kendall + Kylie do both of you have myspace or facebook? Then another for Kendall and Kylie if both of them think of doing a reality show about their lives and friends ;)

  • Paula

    what is your favorite restaurant in LA?

  • @danielbest1994

    Twitter buds: @Danielbest1994 follow me if your a fan of Kendall and Kylie!!!!!! or the kardashian klan for that matter :D !!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Does Kendall ride horses?

  • No Name
    No Name

    Are you guys famous at your school? If so, how famous? Do you get special attention at school?

  • Monica

    What is your favorite memory with each and one of your sisters?

  • keepingupwithsydney

    If you could go on vacation, which sister would you take and why? also where would you go?

  • Ashleyy

    What is your favorite thing to do together? Both Kendall && Kylie.

  • Paigee.

    i love you kendall and kylie.. if you could be anyone of your sisters, which one would you be? xx

  • Gianni

    You both have gorgeous hair! what kind of hair products do you guys use?

  • Lisa Bambu
    Lisa Bambu

    hi Kendall & Kylie you both are growing so fast,do You both want to be Models?

  • Nicolas

    Understanding that you two are unique individuals, but inevitably adorn the kardashian brand image perceived by society, do your older sisters offer the guidance needed to ensure you feel comfortable blossoming as two unique individual young women? Or do you feel unable to pursue anything outside the characteristics of a Kardashian brand?

  • kendallarmy

    If you had a reality show what would it be called? (:

  • Jemma

    heyy who's your fashion icon? i always love what you wear !

  • Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN
    Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN

    Who do u look up to the most, Khloe, Kourtney ,or Kim ?

  • Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN
    Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN

    Did they reply, it would mean so much!

  • Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN
    Rahima (A.K.A BIGGEST FAN

    GREETING : Hey Kendall and Kylie...i must sayy u guys r AMAZING ! ur my idols, i watch "keeping up with the Kardashians" ALL THE TIME! u guys r truly amazing and i love ur family they r just very funny too wactch, u guys make my day and i vote for "Kepping Up With the Kardashians" the BEST show....and please believe me when i say the im UR BIGGEST FAN in the world, and so is my mother she loves your Family! Im 13 just like kylie and i wanna be like her! I also think kendall is such an amazing person! U guys ROcK and ur wonderful Models,! Please read this ^ :) QUESTION: How do you guys feel about all this fame, are there any upps and downs,? Follow me on twitter @RahimaJimale Remeber : BIGGEST FAN <3

  • Madeline

    Do you girls ever feel pressured by just wanting a normal teenage life?

  • Fer

    Are you a virgin?

  • Jennifer

    Will there be a kendall and kylie show?

  • sumiyyah


  • livelifefun19

    which sister gives you the best gifts?

  • livelifefun19

    wheres your favorite place to shop?

  • livelifefun19

    do you guys deal with fake friends or bullying because of your family?

  • Monica

    Was it easy to start modeling? I myself would like to model & all of you girls are SO pretty!

  • Billie

    What is your guyes favorite inside joke??

  • Billie

    I personally would love wearing heels and super cute clothes do you?? Do you have to pay for your own clothes?? What is your favorite clothing item??

  • Adrianna R.
    Adrianna R.

    To both Kendall and Kylie! Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you both aspire to be?

  • Billie

    Do you enjoy being famous or do you wish for one day you could just be a kid with people not knowing who you are??

  • Billie

    Do people ever try to be friends with you just to get on tv or too meet your family?? If so how do you figure it out and deal with it??

  • emily

    how do you guys keep your faces so clear and pretty what products do you use

  • nadine

    im just wondering i am a big big big big big big big big.................. and i would love 2 meet u.could i meet you plzzzzzz

  • Thaís Correia
    Thaís Correia

    Follow me on twitter u both @ThaisCorreia3

  • Cailie Martinez
    Cailie Martinez

    @Kendall : Who would you say is the most famous artist on your contact phone list? (besides your family members)

  • Chandler1

    What is the best thing about LA?

  • Lizbeth Inzunza
    Lizbeth Inzunza

    Are you guys allowed to have boyfriendss?

  • Reagan

    do u have a boyfriend or have had ur first kiss?

  • Deanna Verenich
    Deanna Verenich

    what are your favorite clothing brands?

  • Nope

    Does your poop sink or float?

  • Mona

    Hi, DOlls! What has it been like being in the spotlight from such a young age? How has it effected you... what are the positives/negatives?

  • Sam:)

    hello ladies! If you ever have kids would their names begin with a K? Or would you start you own tradition? xoxo

  • Melody

    why you do not have a website, like your sisters ? it would be so cool !!!

  • Adrian

    will you go out with me either of you.... plz

  • Sara

    Have you ever had a boyfriend?!

  • Sam:)

    1hey this is for Kendall and Kylie! what do you two girls like to do in your free time? Just when you bored or something Thanks :)

  • Birna Heiðarsdóttir
    Birna Heiðarsdóttir

    hi :D what do you think about the iceland? and do you wanna go there someday ? (Kylie) XOXO Birna

  • harvin-13

    do people try to be your friend just because your famouse? and do you guys ever get bullied or teased because of rumours about your sister?

  • Charity

    What's life like at school for ou two?

  • tibi jones
    tibi jones

    What you like to do for fun?

  • Shannon Schickel
    Shannon Schickel

    Do any of you girls want to follow in your sisters footsteps and if so how? What do you guys hope to achieve in your future? Shannon, 16 @itssshan

  • Tali Yusufov
    Tali Yusufov

    whats your favorite place??

  • Beth Adamson
    Beth Adamson

    if you could be any of your family members, which ones would you both like to be? and why? :) Beth, England

  • Ryan Goldberg
    Ryan Goldberg

    I want to know if either of you are single anjd like older guys??? LOL

  • Jennifer Barela
    Jennifer Barela

    Do you two feel like you have learned from some of the choices that your older sisters have made and how are you going to make sure you keep from making the same choices

  • Mam A Diaby
    Mam A Diaby

    Hey guys , it's again me Can u follow me on skype please ? mlle-vintage LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3

  • Yolanda

    how do I get into modeling ?

  • Tania

    where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

  • Mam A Diaby
    Mam A Diaby

    Hey Kendall and Kylie , how are you ? I just want to know if you will go in France ? And by the way , can you follow me guys on facebook : Mam A Diaby or on twitter : ModelMama92 Love you guys , xoxoxo

  • X-Daddy

    Kendall, Whats the fastest way i can converse with you? i mean, whats your number? -Xavier

  • John

    & what do you look forward in a friend ?

  • Ryan Duguay
    Ryan Duguay

    Does Kim and Kourtney still live in New York or is it done?

  • Tania

    what do you consider to be the most valuable in life?

  • Zach

    Do any of you guys have a facebook or are they all just posers

  • Ryan Duguay
    Ryan Duguay

    Your whole family is athletic, so i was wondering what are you favourite sports, by any chance do you enjoy hockey?

  • Gloria

    kylie who is your favorite kardashian sister?

  • Thais Lohan
    Thais Lohan

    you want to visit Brazil?

  • Melissa

    Do Kourtney and Khloe genuinelly like each other more than Kim ?

  • Aida Begic
    Aida Begic

    Whats your favorite designer,and perfume :) <3 love yah

  • To

    ....and Kendall marry me! I am 17! :)))

  • arianna Jordan.
    arianna Jordan.

    do you guys think one day you'll be as big/famous as your sisters? &whats your favorite store to shop at<3

  • Tara J
    Tara J

    When will I ever be able to meet the WHOLE kardashian family?!

  • Beth Adamson
    Beth Adamson

    if you could be anyone of your family members, which ones would you both like to be? :) Beth, England

  • Hannah Wood
    Hannah Wood

    if u followed or even tweeted me on twitter i think that would make my LIFE. please(: @hannahw00d !

  • Elenaa

    who is the biggest inspiration in your life??

  • To

    Are you girls planning ever visit Croatia (Europe)???!! google Croatia :)

  • kathy castrejon
    kathy castrejon

    kendall and kylie do you guys ever wish your sisters wern't as big as they are now?

  • Elena

    who is the biggest inspiration in your life?

  • Hannah Wood
    Hannah Wood

    what did u think of never say never 3d?

  • Moreniike Ajayii
    Moreniike Ajayii

    Hiiya (: Love you Guys and your style so much, but i wanna know, where do you guys shop and any advice in life? Thankss :) xx

  • Tyler -lea
    Tyler -lea

    hey i get bullied for my hair and your so famous no one cares why is that from TYLER-LEA GRIFFITHS Lincolnshire england age 13

  • Sinead

    Will you become a full time model when you finish school? what is your favourite brand? x

  • JM001

    which college do you wanna go to?

  • carmellastarr

    Hey there! Question for both of you lovely ladies... how has being on reality tv at a young age affected you? Has it brought you all closer together, did you want to be apart of it?

  • Katrina

    Could you tell your big sisters Katrina from Florida says hi ? XD lol but heres the real question.. How tall are you and your big sisters ?

  • Hannah Wood
    Hannah Wood

    what do u both wanna be when ur older?

  • Hannah Wood
    Hannah Wood

    first i wanted to say im a HUGE fan(: i love you both so much. ur gorgeous! okay so whats ur favorite thing about ur sisters being famous?

  • Maritza Mendoza
    Maritza Mendoza

    If you girls could go anywhere in the world where would that be ?

  • Jorja Burrows
    Jorja Burrows

    What's the best prank you've pulled on your mother, Kris?

  • Jeylan

    What would you do if you woke up as a boy?

  • Taylor

    When will you two have your own personal fan pages????! =D

  • Lexi


  • Lexi

    in pictures you 2 look really tall how tall all you

  • Ana

    Kylie do you get sad/depressed living in the shadow of Kendall?

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B

    Where do you girls see yourself in 10 years?

  • Nicole

    What is your most favorite store to buy clothing?

  • kendallarmy

    which one of your siblings do you fight with the most?

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    Kendall-Your really tall, do you like it? I'm 5"10..everyone seems to be smaller than me! :) Kylie-What's the best practical joke you have ever played :)? Thankyou, Nicole. xoxo

  • Sasha

    What's your highlight of 2011 so far?

  • Priscilla

    Do other kids at your school treat or look at you in a diffrent way ?--because of your fame

  • Valerie

    Do other kids at your school look at you diffrently because of your fame ?

  • alexa

    Who is your 'fashion icon'?

  • JennerSpain

    What are your favourite subject in school?

  • kendalllui

    Have any tips on teens who are trying to do modelling?

  • Natalie

    This is for both Kendall and Kylie, sorry it is two questions. First question, What are both of your favourite colours?, second question, How is it like living in LA and growing up with a famous family ?, thank you love you guys xxxx

  • ultimatekendall

    Would you guys ever do a skype/ustream video with a fan or your fans? Or do you like to just keep yourself? :) - @UltimateKendall Would love if you guys would follow & check out the site we made for you & love you Kylie! :)

  • Karisa Vela
    Karisa Vela

    I love your Keepin up with Kendall & Kylie youtube videos! You both are hilarious together and it always looks like your having tons of fun with your friends. You should continue to put more up, maybe even one raiding both your closets?

  • loveforkardash

    Where do you see yourselves 10 years from now?

  • Karisa Vela
    Karisa Vela

    What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

  • Karisa Vela
    Karisa Vela

    Have you ever had people want to be your friends just because of who you & your family are?

  • Karisa Vela
    Karisa Vela

    What are you most excited about this summer?

  • Yii-Huei

    Where do you normally shop for your clothes? Do you normally get really good hand me downs from your sisters(I saw some really cool Louboutins!)? And if you had to pick, who's your favourite sister and would you love to have a reality show when you're older?

  • Cassandra Beals
    Cassandra Beals

    for kendall and kylie: what is the longest you have gone without speaking to one of your siblings? and who was it with?

  • Steph

    What hair products do you use!! And what is your favorite type of clothing :)

  • kendallarmy

    Who's clothes from all of your sisters do you like to borrow most? :)

  • Steph

    Which Kardashian sister are you closest to, and what do you love about them :D

  • JennerMania

    What is your fave thing to do in the Summer holidays?

  • brenna

    favorite: color? food? store? animal? movie? tv show? sport? vacation spot? website? article of clothing/accessory you own? celebrity? not your fam item of jewelry? beauty secret? andd 5 things you own that you couldnt live without xoxo

  • Tito Alejandre
    Tito Alejandre

    Are you girls dating or looking for a relationship?

  • kclarksonfnatic

    which one of your sisters inspires you the most and why?

  • Rachel

    Do you guys both to regular school everyday?

  • Rachel

    For kendall, Where are your jeans from in the better than revenge music video? The ones with the studs on the side?

  • jen

    are you guys easy to make friends with? :)

  • hana

    do you get along with each other as your other 3 sisters get along with each other?

  • karlaxbabie

    does kylie jenner want to work on disney?

  • karlaxbabie

    does kylie jenner have a celebrity crush on justin bieber?! or do kendall and kylie have a celebrity crush?

  • LauraSn_

    how do you keep your skin perfect without pimples or anything?

  • LauraSn_

    have your sisters ever gave you any love advices? which?

  • LauraSn_

    fav movie and song? i love you guys so much ♥

  • LauraSn_

    do you think justin bieber is sexy ? lol

  • LauraSn_

    how was your first kiss? :)

  • LauraSn_

    name 3 qualities and 3 faults you guys have

  • LauraSn_

    with which of your sisters do you feel more identify?

  • LauraSn_

    Give some advices to teenagers to feel good about themselves and love themselves the way they are

  • LauraSn_

    Have you ever felt insecure about yourself? Is there any part of your body you dont like ?

  • jess

    You girls always have the nicest outfits! Do your parents allow you to spend a lot of money on clothes? Do your sisters take you shopping? Do you borrow clothes from your mom/sisters? Also, \which stores do you shop at most?

  • LauraSn_

    do you guys do any diet and workout ? how do you keep your body in shape?

  • LauraSn_

    are you guys single? or have you date? do you like anyone in your school?

  • Evangelina

    kylie are you easy to get along with? p.s. ily(:

  • Maricris

    Kendall: how do you stay so slim? what does your diet consist of?

  • jessica

    kylie "whos your favorite sister between kim and khloe?"

  • Nancy

    (kylie) who is your favorite kardashian sister?

  • Jen

    Who are your style icons?

  • Janie

    Would you guys ever model for Victoria's Secret? And who is your favorite model of all time?

  • Carly

    Who is the one celebrity you would say is your idol or someone you look up to?

  • Miah Aviles
    Miah Aviles

    Whats been the craziest encounter with a fan ? or Funniest ? or Weirdest ?

  • kate

    -do you guys want to go to college? if so, where? -are you treated differently in school because your sisters are so famous?

  • Bethany

    Dear Kendall & Kylie, what kind of eyeliner do you use?

  • kate

    -what hair products do you use? :) -what are your favorite deserts?

  • fer_McCena

    Do u like WWE?

  • fer_McCena

    If you were boys what would be your names? RANDOM

  • fer_McCena

    Do you like Mexican food?

  • pina

    What was the best advice you've ever received from any of your sisters? Also, being a Kardashain and in high school, you must have dealt with bullies. How do you deal with them and what advice would you give to others being bullyed? What do you want to be remembered for? Being faous, going to college, etc?

  • FER

    Who is your inspiration?

  • jen

    how do you deal with haters and rumors?

  • megg

    do you ever feel insecure being in the spot light? like your put under the pressure of being perfect?

  • Mary Littlewood
    Mary Littlewood

    why do all of you girls names start with k??

  • Samantha Ann
    Samantha Ann

    I love the youtube videos that you have posted because I can relate to your relationship as sisters!... is a reality show in your future?

  • Jake

    When can i put my penis in it!! oohh yaaa!!!!!

  • Yesenia Uribe
    Yesenia Uribe

    top 5 favorite stores

  • sarah

    do you girls have any boyfriends?have u dated yet?

  • Isabella

    Hey!! Does anyone of you both got a boyfriend before?? Or got your first kiss?? xoxo, Isabella

  • Kiristen(Kirsten)

    Hi, Do either of you have any plans for the future?Kids,Acting,Singing etc.?

  • Gabi

    I want to know if they are as close to the Jenner side of their family (Burt, Casey, Brody, and Brandon) as they are with the Kardashian side of their family (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob).

  • abeerdash

    Hi girls .. Question for both of u ..Where do u see urself's after 10 years ??? and whats ur fave animal/pets ?? Abeer Xo

  • luispa

    what do u think about the video of kim & ray j??

  • Mellony Hansen
    Mellony Hansen

    Do your friends ever treat you differently because of being famous? (Kendall & Kylie) -Mellony:)

  • Gloria

    (Kylie) have you ever considerd having a meet and greet with your fans?

  • Kaylee Hough
    Kaylee Hough

    Who is your favorite sister to hangout with if you got to choose? Are you all really close?

  • Angie Cheyenne Dana
    Angie Cheyenne Dana

    Your both very beautiful, I dont see as many pics of Kylie. Is Kylie a bit camera shy?

  • Silvina Rovella
    Silvina Rovella

    What is the craziest thing u both did as sisters? What are your favourite brands? What would be your perfect outfit for a party? What do you like the most about each other? Which is your favourite food? love u both guys!!!! Xoxo

  • bhalper

    Kendall, Who is your favorite model? Kylie, Who is your favorite actor?

  • Angie Cheyenne Dana
    Angie Cheyenne Dana

    You girls are so beautiful inside and out! Kylie I dont see as many pics of you............are you kinda camera shy? you shouldnt be, your just as amazingly beautiful as your sisters!

  • Janet

    what is your fav part of being in your family?

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    what is your favorite movie? (kendall AND kylie)

  • Janet

    what is your fav makeup brand?

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    favorite color?

  • siiiigha

    do you work out if you doo how ?

  • siiiigha

    Do you ever feel pressured to be thin? and if so, how do you deal with it?

  • siiiigha

    favorite thing to do in there free time

  • siiiigha

    favorite candy

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    both favorite music artist and music genre :D love u!!!!

  • Brittany Pittman
    Brittany Pittman

    Have you though about plans for college or what you want to do when you graduate high school? (Both Kylie and Kendall)

  • siiiigha

    what are their favorite store to buy clothes?

  • yasminn

    Hi, um I love all of the jenner and kardashian girls hair! how do you get it so long and perfect!? do you or any of your sisters wear hair extentions?:)xx

  • Brittany Pittman
    Brittany Pittman

    How do the other students at your school act towards yall? Do you find that people want to be friend just because of who you are? Does this make it hard to make REAL friends? If so how do you deal with it?

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    favorite part of your house and the one you spend the most on it?

  • bnice

    so cte

  • Heather

    Do you ever feel pressured to be thin? and if so, how do you deal with it?

  • IHeartKendallandKylie

    Where are your favorite places to shop? And what piece of clothing in your closet you couldn't live without? (For Kendall AND Kylie.)

  • jasmine

    what is your favorite subject in school?

  • Sarah

    I would love to know which Kardashian kendall and kylie look up to the most for fashion advice. - xo sarah

  • kmirandaaxo

    do you girls plan on having your own reality show ? :) love you girls xo

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    what are your favorite hobbies? (name 3 of them)

  • Mark - UK
    Mark - UK

    Kylie, you're the cutest girl in the world - but how did you get the scar on your leg?

  • veronica uribe
    veronica uribe

    kendall and kylie at what time do you wake up and go to bed?

  • Jackie

    Would either of you ever date Justin Bieber? :)

  • Monique Bowen
    Monique Bowen

    Kendall: What is one perk about being a model? Kylie: Do you sometimes feel over whelmed being surrounded by all the drama? Monique, Antigua, 14

  • taylor

    do either of you have any tattoos? and how many ear piercings do you have?

  • Ivanna Quiceno
    Ivanna Quiceno

    Besides being pretty and fabulous, is it hard to focus on school and know who your real friends are?

  • aubrey o'connor
    aubrey o'connor

    how tall are you!?

  • michele

    what designer were your beastly premiere dresses? :)

  • Kristen

    Kendall's favorite makeup?

  • cardashian

    Did either of you inherit any athletic ability from Bruce? Does he ever try to get you to run and play sports? xoxo, carly

  • Shannon Cosgrove
    Shannon Cosgrove

    What is your favorite thing about each of your sisters?

  • Kayla

    What's the weirdest thing you've ever done with your sisters? haah, I love you all (:

  • claire

    how old are u? claire, california, 12

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka

    How can I be as cute and awesome as you guys?

  • Stephanie Marie Gonzalez
    Stephanie Marie Gonzalez

    This Is For Kendall= Hi Kendall! Where Would You Like To Live And Why? This One Is For Kylie= HI Kylie! Whats Ur Favorite Family Moment And Why? And Say HI To All The Kardashian/Jenner Family ! <3

  • cardashian

    Do you ever get treated differently in school because of your fame?

  • ushi

    what do you think about miley cyrus's controversy?

  • Emily

    Wat is tour favourite clothing store??

  • Nicole

    if not for fame, as they would do to become a celebrity.

  • jess

    kylie- a few fans have notcied a scar on your leg, how did you get it?

  • Leila

    what age do you think youd wanna get married?

  • Lauren

    other than your sisters, who are your role models?

  • Becky

    are you guys friends with any other teenage celebrities?

  • Maya

    do either of you see yourselves ever becoming singers?

  • Karen

    Are you and your older sister's personality's alike?

  • Lucy

    Do you see yourselves staying in the entertainment industry for the rest of your lives or do you think you'll want a more private life as you get older?

  • Ashley

    Who are your celebrity crushes? :)

  • Carrie

    Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of you two, and your show! I think your style is epic! and my question is: Have you decided on what you wanna be when your older or what you wanna study at college?

  • Brittlyn

    I love that both of you are being featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians more often! What do you two want to be when you grow up?

  • Brittlyn

    Who was the coolest celebrity you've ever met?

  • Rella

    Do either of you ever read gossip about yourselves on the internet?

  • Rella

    Kylie, how did you get the scar on your leg?

  • Rella

    Kendall: what would be your dream modeling job?

  • kendalljteam

    Kendall, What is your secret to being an amazing model???

  • kendalljteam

    What kind of tweets do you like to read on twitter?

  • kendalljteam

    When will Kendall start following more fans on twitter?

  • kendalljteam

    Will you guys plz follow me on twitter? lol i am @KendallJTeam and have been supporting Kendall for ever :) She is an inspiration and i will love her forever and always!

  • ariel

    how do you deal with the rumors and negativity from haters?

  • Ilovekendall&kyliejenner

    do you guys have facebook pages for fans?

  • kendall&kylienxoxo

    girls tell us something that is different from the other

  • Kelly Alostad
    Kelly Alostad

    Do u guys have facebook pages? ily kendall and kylie! xo -Kelly Alostad from Kuwait!

  • Angelica

    HI Kendall and Kylie how is your relationship to each other, i mean you are so close ? or fight a lot? xoxo from venezuela

  • kourtneynews

    Kylie and Kendall, if you can choose a husband, who it will be: Scott, Lamar, Bruce, Kris or Rob?

  • dwifathia92

    to both of u, what is ur future goals?

  • kourtneynews

    If you girls would be one of your older sisters, who would you like to be? Why?

  • kourtneynews

    I think that you both are very different. Is it true? Kylie, Who is your best friend in the family(don't choose Kendall)? Kendall, Who is your favorite sister(don't choose Kylie)?

  • dwifathia92

    hi kendall and kylie. how does it feel like that you have a very famous family? do u enjoy it? and why dont u have a reality show together? i bet it would be awesome! thanks. btw im a huge fans!!!

  • Darcy B
    Darcy B

    Do you both want to be actresses, fashionista's, and "singer's" ;) Like your older sister's, or do you want something different with your name/fame!!?!

  • emily

    how much of the show is scripted?

  • Ilze

    What do you think about Kim's new song?

  • Ilze

    What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

  • lauren

    For Kylie + Kendall Hey; do you take alot of fashion advice from your older sisters or do you feel your styles are diffrent? Lauren, 13 - Scotland. x

  • Sanchi

    How do you keep up with the buzz surrounding your sisters?

  • Amanda

    Would you ever consider doing a ustream together for your fans? :)

  • Leigh

    Do you visit the fan sites that are made for you? :) (question for both Kendall and kylie)

  • moraima23

    which of your 3 Kardashian sisters do you identify most and why? Love you Kylie and Kendall. XOXO Moraima.

  • Isabella2

    what grade are each of you in?

  • Isabella2

    Will Kylie and Kendall be on Khloe and Lamar's new show at all? or is it just them?

  • Manny Mars
    Manny Mars

    Do you guys ever feel pressured to be as great as your Kardashian sisters?

  • Isabella2

    I would like to know which Kardashian family vacation is kendall and kylie's favorite?