Is That You Scott Disick? ‘Controversial’ Star Shows New Side in Men’s Fitness

A cool and casual Scott Disick shows off his manly assets for Men’s Health magazine, looking studly in his first ever cover shoot!

Inside the mag, he plays off his signature style in a button-down and dark denim, saying:

I’d rather be dressed up than dressed down. I really enjoy trying to look as great as I can all the time. It gives me a sense of confidence. 

Looking good takes work! In his personal life, Scott has also been making great strides to improve upon himself and his so-called controversial image. The mag acknowledges this transformation by saying fans may “love to hate” the reality star, but he’s overhauled his life for the better. Case in point: He’s been taking anger management classes and has worked to improve his relationship with his girlfriend’s family.

Natch, his gal Kourtney Kardashian is proud of her man, saying on her blog:

Scott did his first cover shoot ever for Men’s Fitness. He looks like James Dean and I’m loving it! It’s the May issue so make sure you keep a look out for it and pick up a copy!

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