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 James Franco has publicly apologized to Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch after slamming the famed comedian on Twitter after he gave an unflattering interview about James.

“Thanks Bruce,” James wrote in MS Paint-style font over a screenshot of the writer’s email apology. “Sorry for reading stupid blogs.”

James publicly slammed the longtime Oscar writer earlier this week after Bruce told New York’s Vulture blog that James’ critically-panned performance at the Oscars had to do with the actor having “too many balls in the air.”

“[James] didn’t get to town till Thursday before the show on Sunday,” Bruce told Vulture. “And so we e-mailed a lot. But we had a lot of meetings. He had a bunch of people who were writing for him, and if it had been him alone, it would have been different. But it was him and Anne Hathaway, and they both had to be serviced. So there was a lot of communication beforehand. But he didn’t get there.”

“I thought maybe it was a performance-art prank, and then I realized he sincerely wanted to do it,” Bruce continued. “But it’s outside of those guys’ comfort zones. The only people who know how to host those shows are people who get up onstage every night and say, ‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. A funny thing happened … ‘ Or people like Bette [Midler] who get up and sing all night and tell stories.”

James responded by posting a photo with a snarky comment written in MS Paint on his Twitter account.

“James f****d up the Oscars,” the actor wrote in a cartoon talk bubble over Bruce’s head. “Trust me, I KNOW comedy. I mean, come one, I write for Bette Midler!”

James prefaced his diss by saying that Bruce “let [him] down.” The photo and tweet have since been deleted from James’ account but unfortunately the actor has found out the hard way that nothing on the internet can ever really be deleted.

This isn’t the actor’s first use of MS Paint as a way to diss his critics: The Oscar-nominated actor previous wrote “F**k the Yale Daily News” over a photo of himself glaring at the camera after a student wrote a snarky op-ed about James in the Ivy League school’s student newspaper. (James is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at Yale.)

Bruce, 62, has been writing for the Oscars for 22 years and is currently the head writer for the award show. Over his long tenure he has collaborated with hosts Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman.

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