Juliette Lewis Bikinis with New Beau in Mexico (PHOTOS)

Juliette Lewis showed off her surprisingly toned bikini body when she was spotted frolicking in the waves in Los Cabos, Mexico earlier this week.

The former girlfriend of Brad Pitt had some fun in the sun with an unidentified blonde man while showing off her long and lean body. The refreshingly unique actress sported a mismatched bikini, long beaded necklace and a blue bandanna wrapped around her head.

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  • Gunther

    She was exactly as skinny as on this photos in the "strange days" movie you mentioned. And apart from that, that's a part of her beaty, the way she is. And for me she was laways the most attractive girl I have ever seen in the movies or on TV. The way she moves and talks tell you exactly all you need to know from the very first second you see her, that is if your levels of testosterone are all right. There maybe woman in the industry who are more beautiful than she is, but as far as sheer sex-appeal goes- Juliette will always be my personal favourite. Apart from that she is also witty and intelligent, and that's something you don't often see as far as american girls are concerned, and thats one of the more important aspects of being a sexy girl to me. And I know what I'm talking about because I am from Europe and have been in States a few times, so I have a good scale of comparison. Take Care Julie, let me wish you all the best on behalf of of all your european admirers!

  • shari

    Hahahaha... haaaaa... ha :) I find this really funny!

  • Yikes

    Pure Ugly skinny

  • ssstephanie

    not really sure why but I've always liked Juliette Lewis and her quirkiness...must be because of christmas vacation....whatta great holiday movie :D plus she is a great actress! capefear...whats eating gilbert grape...

  • Lollipop

    They resemble..at least in this photo

  • Ermaafidah Afiezal
    Ermaafidah Afiezal

    Now that you mentioned, I was like... "hell yeah...." lmao

  • Althea

    Just think...Brad Pitt used to hit this for years.

  • Julie

    Google his mother 'Anne Metcalfe Cabo San Lucas' Wow, what a fraud!!

  • JImmy-James

    Jesus Christ, please don't post pictures like this.

  • mark

    Not a very attractive woman, but a great body! Nice abs and boobs!

  • just me
    just me


  • wakawakadojobilly

    The guy's name is Warren Metcalfe, he's a pro surfer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irEL5vb4d9Y

  • maxwellhammer

    Juliet Lewis riding an invisible bicycle.

  • darthfruit

    hot? you call that hot? she is too skinny! her body used to kick ass back on the "strange days" years

  • Tadokka

    Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa

  • SK

    She looks great-- these are beautiful photos-- more like a photoshoot than paparazzi. She looks real, and kudos on the blond^^

  • sophie1986

    She's so flat, it’s hard to even tell if her head is facing the right direction.

  • JLgroupie

    I have seen her in concert and up close and personal and I have to say she is very lean. I would say her body comes from all the crazy moves she does on stage....and the fact that she sweats like crazy when she preforms. She Rocks!!

  • ColonelKorn


  • topkatnc

    I don't call that toned .. more like a prison camp look from WWII .. but she's a great actress ...

  • redsonja1313

    in general I do not advise plastic surgery..but maybe she should think about small boob job

  • Jennifer1

    These two do not look involved, he has to be her surf instructor.