Kylie & Kendall Jenner: Standing Tall! (Literally)

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If you watch any of the Kardashians reality shows, you know they are some of the biggest goofballs around. Now it looks like those traits have been passed down to Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian posted this silly photo on her blog and said:

Kendall and Kylie thought they were being funny walking around like this all day! LOL Walking around taller than everyone! I remember one time Kourtney and I did this and put on a huge trench coat. Then we would answer the door and pretend to be one extra tall woman! Haha!!
Never a dull moment with the Kardashians!


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  • cassandra4130893

    lol you gurls are silly, it seems like you gurls have so much funn together :)

  • aclineo

    Wow, they totally stole that idea from Scrubs

  • makarena godoy
    makarena godoy

    hahahha crazy! lol I LOVE SO MUCH PHOTO! FOLLOW ME PLEASE!@makitabieber

  • Luis Gustavo Kardashian
  • Chandler1

    I always wonder how to get in touch with you, but now I am worried to talk to your Mom, she may think I am not serious.