Meet Charlie Sheen’s New Goddess, Megan Levant (PHOTOS)

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow Celebuzz to introduce you to Charlie Sheen’s newest goddess, Megan Levant.

The 26-year-old bombshell is the newest addition to Sheen’s Sober Valley mansion. She reportedly met Charlie at the Playboy Mansion a while back, and has established herself as quite the party girl in the Hollywood scene, and has been romantically linked to Pauly Shore, Simon Rex and other celebs in the past. According to The Sun, she’s been making frequent trips to Sheen’s mansion recently.

The Sun also reports,

She was also on the yacht off Los Angeles last month with Charlie, former nanny Natalie and porn star Rachel when his bizarre lifestyle began to unravel – but kept her involvement secret.

Levant’s bio on her recently deleted Twitter account read:

“i like porn, red hots and vodka. if you feel the sudden urge to rescue a dog in need of a home – call me.” 

Porn and vodka? Seems like a perfect match for Charlie! Want to see more of Megan? Enjoy the wonders of our gallery, courtesy of Facebook.