Smiley Chris Brown Emerges After ‘GMA’ Window Smashing (PHOTOS)

Brown's 'GMA' Rage
See Chris and his shirtless morning exit.
If Chris Brown was shirt-ripping, window-smashing mad earlier this morning, he certainly changed moods just a few hours later in the day.

Brown, who reportedly broke a window at the ABC offices after an interview on Good Morning America took a nasty turn when Robin Roberts peppered him with Rihanna questions, was spotted in New York City on Tuesday afternoon in a cheery mood. Not only was he wearing a shirt (which he tore off in a rage earlier in the day), but he was also wearing a big grin as he pulled up to the Opera Gallery in Manhattan.

Brown has been tweeting throughout the day, and seems to be a bit more focused on promoting his album than he was earlier, when he wrote and then deleted references to the GMA incident. On Tuesday afternoon he wrote: “Yessir!!! Shouts out to all the fans that are supporting F.A.M.E!!! long journey!! And I’m just humbled by everyones support!! Luv Ya”

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