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Twin sisters Megan and Liz have become YouTube sensations (with over 55 million video views) for their creative song covers, earning fans world wide — including Oprah Winfrey! The 18-year-olds, who have also performed with Taylor Swift, spoke to Celebuzz about meeting the media icon, and creating an empire of their own.

The two of you were on Oprah; did she give you any advice behind the scenes?

Megan: Even though we never met Oprah in person, just on Skype, we were still star struck! She told us to keep going after our dreams and never give up.

What made you two decide to start doing YouTube videos in the first place?

Megan: We saw another girl that had a video of her singing and we were like “man, we should really try doing this and see what people think.” Then, once we started putting up videos every week, people started really paying attention to it. Then it just grew from there. Word of mouth just spread.

Our parents are very musical. We grew up with our Mom singing around the house. Always playing Disney Movies with the songs. It’s kind of just been a household thing you know?

So you grew up with music then.

Liz: We started really performing together, figuring out harmonies and stuff when we were like 10. The band Play, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them, but Play, they’re four girls, they were our idols. We were like “oh my gosh they’re sisters” and then we wanted to do that too! So, we would sing all their songs. 

It definitely seems to be working out for you! Now that you’re making your own music, do you have someone who writes with you, or do you just work together?

Liz: We actually had our first co-writing session with other writers this past summer, but other than that, it’s always just been Megan and I. Recently, it’s been kind of switched. Usually I think of the lyrics and then Megan thinks of the hook or something, but lately she’s been thinking of the lyrics and I’ve been thinking about the hook. It’s kind of different every time.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Megan: We have a major obsession with Katy Perry. It’s kind of unhealthy. We LOVE Katy Perry. Taylor Swift, Demi Levato. We’re into a lot of bands too, like Summer Set. Oh, and we love Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne too. We’re completely all over the map when it comes to music.

Since you’re twins, there’s obviously a resemblance — and similar voices — but you do have different styles going on. Do you try to play up your similarities or create your own look?

Megan: Liz is more vintage than I am; I’m more preppy I would say. She rocks the curls, I always have straight hair. Curly hair is just not me. As far as image goes, we’re pretty similar, and we’re fine with that.

Your Facebook and twitter and YouTube are doing so well. Do you run those yourself? 

We run them ourselves definitely. We have a little help now, but all of the tweets and all of the Facebook posts, it’s us behind it. It’s cool to have a relationship with them. They’re like our friends. We’ve honestly made some really good friends. They’re fans but they’re awesome people, and we just love talking to them.

In this business — and really in life — you get told “no” often. How do you deal with rejection?

That’s a tough question. We just look at as, “when one door closes another door opens.” Rejection sucks, but we just have to keep at this and something bigger and better will come up later. Obviously that wasn’t what was meant for us, so something better is going to come along. That’s how we try and look at it.

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