Chris Brown Hoops It Up After 'GMA' Rampage (PHOTOS)

They say sports and exercise is one way to get rid of excess stress, and whether or not that was the reason for Chris Brown's basketball binge on Tuesday afternoon, at least he blew off some steam.

Brown was spotted hooping it up at New York City's infamous West 4th Street basketball courts -- commonly known as The Cage -- following a roller-coaster day that began with him flying into a rage on the set of Good Morning America. After getting hit with multiple questions about Rihanna by GMA host Robin Roberts, Brown allegedly smashed a window backstage and then tore off his shirt before exiting the building.

Photos of a shirtless Brown just seconds after the incident showed the singer in a sweaty huff.



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  • Geovani Garcia Viveros
  • Geovani Garcia Viveros
  • Monalisa

    can we do a lil one on one

  • jaysaxleebel

    two things i love. Chris Brown and Basketball. Die-hard fan of Chris!!

  • Killa Killa
    Killa Killa

    mi Niqqa Lukk um

  • Belinda Ward
    Belinda Ward

    and i know plenty charlie shan penn oh but then again they are white when a black man do something they run that shit in the ground when the whit man do it they talk about it for about day and then it goes away and there are plenty more go to you and look it up

  • Belinda Ward
    Belinda Ward

    leave chris brown alone hes not the only celeb that have hit a woman and he want be the last