Lady Gaga Shows Oakland Her Wild ‘Monster’ Wardrobe (PHOTOS)

Fans who shell out top dollar for Lady Gaga concert tickets know they’re going to get a remarkable show, and they also get an inside look into Gaga’s insane and varied costume collection.

The fans in Oakland, California weren’t disappointed on Tuesday night as they came out by the thousands for their favorite Mama Monster, who belted out all of her big hits along with some new tunes that will be on the upcoming Born This Way album. And, because it’s Gaga, the songs were accompanied by leather bras, plastic skirts, over-the-top production and other shenanigans — including blood.

Next up for Gaga is a concert in Sacramento on Wednesday, and then she’ll rock Las Vegas on Friday, March 25. Gaga’s Born This Way album will be released on May 23, and it already has a massive self-titled hit behind it (along with a bizarre video).

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