The Meet & Greet: Roshon Fegan, Disney’s Triple Threat – Exclusive!

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Disney fans may recognize the handsome Roshon Fegan as Sander Loyer from the Camp Rock film franchise. The adorable 19-year-old does more than just act alongside Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers – he also sings, dances and produces music. Watch out for this triple threat!

What’s your character like on your new Disney show, Shake It Up?

I play Ty Blue on Shake It Up, I’m the big brother of Rocky Blue and really the big brother of the whole cast, in real life and on screen. I’m just the older smooth brother, I’m not really dancing on the show but I’m more just dancing freely on the street and for the ladies and I just kind of help everyone out and mess up some thing on the way like big brothers do.

So the other cast members look up to you as a big brother – does that have something to do with being older or your previous Disney experience?

I think it’s all of that. I think it’s really because everyone else is really young – like 13 and 14 – and I’m 19, turning 20 this year, plus I’ve been with Disney for a while now so they kind of look up to everything that I’ve done.

What’s it like working with a younger cast, do you ever wish there were more people your own age on set?

It’s fun, I think it’s great. It’s good energy. One of the reason why the show is doing so well is because it’s really getting to the young people and it has a lot of young vibrant energy to it. Plus, I’m kind of young myself so it’s not a problem.

Is it true that you choreographed a dance number on Shake It Up?

Yeah. For the “Zombies” episode I choreographed a dance number that they do on the screens for the zombie part. It was fun, I kind of put it together real quick, they wanted something simple that all the kids could do and something that the 9-year-olds could catch on to real quick. I just threw something together real fast and it came out great, it was real fun.

Is dancing a big passion?

All together it’s a big passion of mine. I love dance, I love to write music, produce music. I’m really deep into music and acting and everything, it all just kind of works together so I love it all.

So that makes you a triple threat!

Yeah, that’s right. I’m three in a row.

Your new song “I Am” just came out – how did that come together?

I put it all together. I wrote the song and then I actually created the track to it and produced it up and when the video came around my dad [Roy Fegan] actually directed it and I choreographed the dance number that’s in it. I had a lot of my friends and fans that showed up so I had to come up with [a dance number] on the spot so I put a nice little dance piece to it.

Your dad is an established actor, did he give you any tips about how to break into the biz?

It was more than just tips it was kind of the reason and why I was doing it in the first place [laughs]. He’s been acting and directing and producing and writing music and all kind of stuff since I was little so it was just kind of like, ‘Well, dad’s doing it, I guess I’m doing it’.”

I did stop [acting] for a minute when I was 6 or something, I don’t remember, I think my brother and sister they weren’t into and then I think I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to do this,’ and then like a year later I was like ‘I think I want to do this.’ He was kind of fighting it for a minute too, he was like, ‘You don’t want to do this, you’re not sure that you want to do this,’ and then I had to convince him that I did. That all paid off so, that was cool.

It must be an amazing to do something on your own and have it be all from you.

Exactly. I also think that it just really makes it unique when it is 100% from the artist or from the person who is doing it. It saves a lot of time too because you don’t have to go everywhere to get something done.

Check out Roshon dancing in his “Down on the Dance Flo” music video.

Any plans for a full-length album?

The album is definitely a big goal that is happening soon but I do have an EP dropping which is about 5 to 6 tracks and my single “I Am” is on iTunes. It’s also on YouTube. The video will be dropping soon so I’m just preparing to blow the single up so that the EP and the album can really get some numbers and recognition.

You mentioned using YouTube and you also use Twitter (@yaboyro) quite a bit – do you find that social media is a good way to stay in touch with your fans?

I think it’s great, of course you can’t escape your generation because you are kind of living in it. I think it’s nice that we can kind of communicate with our friends and fans directly and be able to really get feedback right away on whatever it is you’re working on and of course you can really empower yourself rather than having to wait for someone else to kind of push you off. You can make it happen yourself with a lot of hard work and it’s just really nice that we are able to do that now.

Camp Rock was really your first big break – what was it like working with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato who are all actors-slash-musicians like yourself?

It was cool because the Jonas Brother are such cool guys and they are super chill and it was a fun experience but just to see how the whole movement happened with the Jonas Brothers and just be there first hand and just be in the middle of that circle and know that I was a part of it was pretty amazing.

I mean, we all grew up together, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, and we were just kind of looking at how it worked. We looked up and the movie was number one on the channel and we’re doing it big and we were like, ‘Wow!’ We had no idea that it was going to do that. It was exciting to know that we were a part of that.

Listen to Roshon’s “Camp Rock” rap below.

Are there any other actors or musicians that you look up to?

Oh yeah, a lot of them! [I look up to] Will Smith as an actor and – he did some music back then, I don’t remember too much of it, like ‘Summertime’ he did some music – so I kind of look up to him for making music. Producers like J.R. Rotem who produces like all the super duper pop stuff out there and Justin Timberlake, he’s super dope. is one of my favorite artist/producers for the type of music he makes and what he likes and performs and he’s so abstract and all over the place so that’s real cool.

Of course Michael Jackson being the biggest influence musically and just dance-wise. [Basically I look up to] anyone that is really doing something in a big way and really has a lot of passion for what they do I definitely look up to.

Any big projects coming up?

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, YaBoyYoungRo, you gotta check out all my videos. I have a web series out that’s really going to be going real strong in about a month. [I also have] my movement B U [“Be Yourself”], you’ll see a lot of logos and rings and stuff popping up with a B inside of a U and you’ll know that it’s me.

Watch Roshon’s video intro to his web show below.

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